tracey rocker

see where former hog assistant tracey rocker has left kirby smart and georgia after 3 years.outland trophy winner when he was at auburn during his playing days…might had been a good candidate for d-line coach if interested…but its a moot point now…just throwing it out for discussion

Tracy Rocker has been surrounded with recruiting controversy wherever he has been. Maybe Kirby said no thanks to his recruiting tactics.

did not know that about him…thanks for the response

It is true that things happened at Ole Miss and Auburn that were considered shady at best. I did not consider Tracy to be a candidate to coach at Arkansas again. Something may change in the future that makes me adopt a different stance, but that’s the way I see it.

Rocker went to Auburn. He learned how to cheat on the receiving end.

Tracy is an Auburn guy. I think he probably had that in him all the time.