Townes pleased to represent Razorback once more (story)...

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Good to see Townes is doing well. We got to meet his Mom and Aunt at the Thanksgiving week-end tournament in San Juan in 2007. We had a couple of drinks with them at the pool bar at the team hotel. Both were very nice ladies and really proud of Darian. I hope CEM gives him a shot at a Grad Assistant job when Darian’s playing career is over.

That was a talented Hog team his Sr year. They had Townes, Weems, Beverley, Thomas, Gary Ervin, and Hill. I’ve wondered how good they might have been that 2007-08 season if we’d hired a better coach than Pelphrey to lead them. Even Pelphrey got them to the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament. That team was made up of Stan Heath’s recruits.

Thank you HH, I appreciate you man. I was also giving him feedback that his link did not work.