Touted Texas WR explains why Hogs are in his top 3

Phaizon told me his college decision is coming soon.

He sounds like he is already all in!

He could very well be but there’s reasons why I don’t think it’s a for sure thing. We’ll see.

With a new coach at ut-Austin who is recruiting well, question whether Wilson will recommit to ut as many locals believe he will do. That may depend on whether he is willing to sing the Eyes of texas after each game.

Which end?

Unless something has changed, Texas isn’t happening.

Hope you are right about “no” to ut.

Based on today’s Dallas Morning News cover story, ut is deeply divided & risks alienating black recruits & both black & white students if their alumni hold firm on tradition.

Texas hired Lancaster High School Football Coach.

So Texas is not allowed to bring in Lancaster Football Prospects for two seasons.

“Newish” rule from the NCAA.


Committing April 5.

He has changed the date. He’s committing on March 25.

On my birthday … that’s a good sign for the Razorbacks! :wink: :rofl:

I said somewhere else I was checking on something I heard last week that might change my opinion of him going somewhere other than Arkansas. I’ll stick with the Hogs after checking.

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He pushed his announcemnt back to April 2.