Are fans going to be allowed to attend the games at the SEC tournament. NCAA has announced that tournament games will be held WITHOUTBfans!

At this point the answer is yes. The tournament starts in an hour.

I think, I heard Andy Kennedy say no fans to big 12 tourney on Finebuam, not sure if I heard correctly though

Nothing to that effect on Or on the Big 12 website.

I read that fans will be allowed Wed. night but a decision will be made later about the rest of the tournament.

Thanks, Swine

if the fans are denied…expect big blue nation to be unhappy…a lot of them can’t get regular season tickets and use the tournament as their chance to see the Cats

Yep. They buy season tickets at one of the 13 other schools, including Arkansas, use the UK tickets, put the rest on StubHub and then use their SEC tournament option from us to get in at Nashville or wherever.

According to USA Today, the NCAA is considering moving regionals and the Final Four from big domes to smaller facilities because no fans will be there. They could play the FF in the Hawks arena or even at Georgia Tech, which as you recall the SEC used when the Georgia Dome sustained tornado damage during the SECT a few years back.

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