Tournament Success

You can never count on shooting the ball better than 40%, 2’s or 3’s to win ball games. Unfamiliar environment, unfriendly noises, and pressure of the game may affect one’s shooting. What can be certain to help, is conscious effort to play good defense without fouling, rebounding both at the defensive board and following shots for offensive board, minimize senseless turnovers, such as a long pass after a rebound to a player with his back to you and running, and complete focus on free throw making. If we can do half of these things right, the issue of shooting will resolve itself. Another item of importance is not to fall behind in double digits in the first half. Playing from behind changes the way you play normally; just hope it would be for better and not for worst as in TN game. If shots are not falling, the best way to keep yourself in the game, attack the basket to score or draw fouls. That keeps you close enough until some shots start falling. If you play smart, you can keep yourself in the game against the best of them. A Solid game starts with defense and rebounding, the rest will follow.

It seems a common opinion that defense and rebounding
travel better than offense. Both are a result of determination
and focus.
This team is capable of getting to the sweet 16 if they rebound and play good defense. The points will flow
from one end to the other.
Seniors will help settle the younger players by example
and their drive to play on.
I am excited and hopeful.

The biggest problem I see with this team is our half court offense, there’s entirely to much dribbling and not enough passing and motion! We were behind big against the Vols and came down and dribbled until the shot clock was down and forced up a bad shot. For the most part we don’t pass the ball until we have put it on the floor first, if your game is to play fast then pass the ball and move. We have had spurts were we passed well and looked good in half court offense and I believe that’s what it will take to beat Butler. WPS

Unfortunately, there is another team out on the court that controls part of what you can do and cannot do. For example, you are not intentionally falling behind by double digits

Just play hard, aggresslve, on instinct and fearless on both ends of the floor and bring practice to the game. That usually will win games for you.

Unless the other team has more talent. (But you did say usually)

Force misses. That’s the key to Arkansas.

Butler may run Arkansas out of the gym, but I have never seen the fan base so worried about a team that won just three of its last nine games and one of its final four even it was against good competition.

I seriously think a large portion of our fan base has forgotten how to be optimistic about anything. Of course, it doesn’t help that we have some trolls who attack anything remotely positive.

I understand that DD.

IMO it’s the name Butler. Unfortunately their name has been called a several more times in the past 20 years than ours? Just a guess

Back 20+ years ago Purdue would be more on our worry list.

Been saying the same thing. Just don’t understand it. Don’t understand why the “analysts” are harping about out play away from home. We have a better away from home record than Butler as well. Just makes no sense. I’m really hoping Mike is showing the team all the “experts” opinions and our guys send a message.

I can’t stand the lack of respect announcers give our hogs! During game we play its common for them to mention how great Kentucky is and how sorry we play on the road!
I could care less what anyone says or what name is on the opponents uniform. If the hogs play good defense they can beat anyone!
Just have effort that’s all I want to see! This season is a sucess. It would be nice for this team to make a run!

I actually have them making the EE. I have been seeing people (analysts, and so called experts) that are saying not a single SEC team will make the second weekend. I can see 6 maybe 7 (FL) making the Sweet 16. I think AUB will lose to Charleston and everyone else will win.

I think it has to do with some look at schools such as Butler, Purdue as high IQ basketball schools and Anderson and his players as low IQ. Watch the posts should we lose to either Butler or Purdue. Then if we win those two rounds, we run into Chris Beard and Texas Tech. Some had declared Beard as the greatest coach in Arkansas when he was at UALR and think he can outcoach and outIQ Anderson. So, this Board will go wild if we lose in any of the first three rounds.