Tournament isn't over yet of course

And a lot can happen tonight and tomorrow. But if last night had been the championship game, I would have to say Blaine Knight would be the MVP to me. He may still be when it is over.

I agree, to me the key is our bats will have to show up for us to win it and I think they will.I just Hope Murphy gets out the the 1st with no runs and gives us a chance to draw 1st blood.

I don’t know how few runs we can realistically hope to hold OSU to, but I’d love to keep them below 5. I think we can score 6 or more. However, one thing I can accurately predict is that my predictions always suck.

Though not likely, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Murphy spins a beauty like the one he pitched into the 8th inning. Oregon State won’t let that happen, but if Murphy is on, he can give us what Knight did last night.

That’s what I told my group watching last night; if we win the title, he gets the CWS MVP trophy (which he will deserve) but it’s kind of a “make up” for being snubbed on so many All America teams and “Player of the Year” awards.

I think the satisfaction of the Championship will take the edge of the snub - then, it’s off to millionaire land.

If Casey Martin has a god game at the plate he would also have to be considered for the award. Up until last night he was nearly impossible to to deal with at the plate.

None of our top hitters did much last night. Fletcher & Kjerstad both had late 2 out doubles that we were unable to capitalize on. Otherwise, we pretty well stunk at the plate. I’m sure that’s a matter of good pitching more than bad hitting. I hope we’ve already seen their best, though, & those we face tonight aren’t hot. Murphy is capable of keeping their hits to a minimum. Not sure what that is, but a lot depends on us not making any defensive mistakes. No lost-in-the-sun flies, no overthrows. No errors.

I think if Casey has a “god” game then Arkansas will win going away. :smiley:

I joke because I have plenty of typos myself.

I think OSU’s pitching approach for the series is what we saw last night: 1st pitch fastballs followed by junk. We need to be aggressive out of the dugout.