Toumani Camara

From Georgia Bulldogs has entered portal.

6-8/230 lb pf

Averaged 13 pts and 8 rebs

Versatile inside/outside scorer

Any interest in him at all?

Seems like a perfect replacement for Smith

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Sure there will be contact.

RD/Dudley question for you guys:

On the recruiting forum you guys have a list of recruits for 21/22/23 etc. can you guys also do one (or add to) for the Portal guys Muss has talked too and you think have a legitimate chance at?

What makes smith so good is not his size but his ability to defend multiple positions. There’s a lot of guys that are 6-7 and 14 and 8 but that doesn’t mean they replace Smith. So much more.

Muss has been quoted, in the past few months, on this topic. since he seemed to be contacting every portal player in the last off-season, someone asked how he picked whom to contact. he said something to the effect of :" if they are in the portal, we evaluate them".

now, can he evaluate 1000 players? if anyone can, it’s Muss!


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Not quite what I’m asking:

Muss contacts a lot of portal guys, but he only goes after the ones he wants. That’s what I’m asking for, the ones he wants. Don’t know if RD/Dudley would know for sure, but I’m guessing they have a good idea of which ones

That kind of disclosure would be bad for business. Surely you can see why?

Sometimes portal evaluations don’t pan out like you thought. Vance Jackson didn’t work out the way they thought he might.

Auto dial

I think recruiting guys need to cover transfer portal as much as high school players. In fact, it appears that schools are signing more transfers now than high school players.

I disagree. RD/Dudley already do it with the HS kids. Doing the same with the portal kids would be no different.

If it was that “BIG” of an issue, then it wouldn’t be done with the HS kids either. And I’m pretty sure that Muss and his staff talk to way more kids than what’s listed on the recruiting list.

baked, I thought of you when listening to Muss’ press conference. he covers A LOT, and it’s a great listen, but he also covers the portal, the work required, and at one point says:" don’t trust what you hear about ‘arkansas interest’ in a player in the portal. there is a difference between a phone call and ‘interest’. there can be smoke screens and things like that".

he is so candid, most coaches wouldn’t even divulge that. Or maybe there ARE NO SMOKE SCREENS, and he’s throwing off other coaches? who knows, but I’m just glad muss is our guy. Love Muss!


Camara was a good post defender at Georgia

We’ll work on a list of kids who have been contacted. The interest level thing is somewhat of a slippery slope. Will say what I believe is safe to say.

Muss addressed that a little in the presser. Just because we touched base with a kid doesn’t mean that we’re interested. Some of it is feeling the player out, some of it is a smokescreen (making it sound like we’re going after one 4 when we’re really after another one).

Thanks for the understanding. I know I’m very cautious and it might be frustrating for some but I’ve found it’s best.

I can say I don’t expect Pinson at Arkansas. I think you can mark that off.

Can you say if it was our choice or his choice?

I think he may go pro.

He listed us in his top four so at least we’re gonna get a sniff.