Toughest Game in 2022…

Outside of Alabama?

I say BYU

After we play a brutal stretch of A&M, Alabama, and at MSU.

Last game before we have an open date -how much in the emotional and physical tank? Remember how spent we looked against Auburn last year in the same spot?

An emotionally and physically drained team gets to play at high altitude! Oh boy.

That game looks like trouble to me.


I agree,they will be a big tough physical team

BYU will be coming off a circled game on their schedule-vs. Notre Dame in Las Vegas. They will also have played seven weeks in a row, and seen Baylor, Oregon, and a difficult in-state rival in Utah State in that stretch.

It is a very tough spot on our schedule because of the string of difficult games before it plus a long road trip. But BYU will be trying to gut it out as well.


Texas A&M

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Good points - the playing at altitude thing spooks me. Especially at this point on the schedule.

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I have to agree Jackson. Let’s hope the injury bug hasn’t hit us to bad by that time. Same goes for BYU as well.


We rarely play great in the first game of the season. Having our starting QB and our RBs back helps, but losing our best WR hurts. We lost a ton of starters on defense, but so did Cincy. Cincinnati is ranked ahead of us by MGM in Vegas futures betting (80-1 vs 100-1), but some of that is because our schedule is so much tougher than Cincy’s. MGM has BYU at 200-1 vs Cincy at 80-1, but BYU, because of your points will also be very tough. Cincinnati will come in with a ton of confidence after making the 4 team playoffs last season.

We will have to hope our offense can score a lot to win this game. That’s difficult to do in the first game of the season. Game may be determined by turnovers. Lastly, Cincy has one of the best head coaches in the country, as do we.


I’m not as worried about Cincy because they lost Ridder at QB.

BYU lost their Swiss army knife RB, Tyler Allgeier, but they return their QB. I think they fully expect to go 11-1 this season with the one loss to ND, but a totally unbiased/decaffeinated :roll_eyes: BYU preview I just read expects us to give them a battle, with a 30-24 Cougar win.

At that point in the season, with them coming off ND and us coming off TAM-Bama-Moo U, team health could be the deciding factor.

That’s my biggest concern Harley we have started off playing terribly in the first game for whatever reason. We will not have that luxury against Cincinnati.They will be extremely well coached despite their losses in personnel. They recruit very well(Ohio is one of the five best recruiting states in the country) so they will be able to put good players on the field.
They’re projected starting quarterback was a four-star who was very highly ranked nationally.

Or I not that high. You need to get to 6 to have real effect. The rest is excuse. I live at 5 and have worked up to 12. Don’t really feel it till get above 6

BYU for me after that brutal stretch. I get that they have one as well but they will be back in their friendly high altitude confines and it is a long road game for us. Makes me wonder if Sam will get us out there a day earlier to get in some light conditioning to get used to the altitude. Wouldn’t hurt.

24 hours isn’t going to make any difference at altitude. You can take precautions that will help (lots of fluids, lots of sleep, etc.) but you can’t acclimate in 24 hours.

Provo is at 4551 feet above sea level. As Jim said, not that high. Fort Collins (CSU) is 500 feet higher. We had them beat there in 2018 and Chad let them off the hook, but he wasn’t any smarter at normal altitude.

I was at the game in Fort Collins. We lost because of the HC’s attitude and aptitude, not the stadium altitude.

Glad to hear altitude is not as big of an issue as I feared. More concerned about health after A&M, Bama, and MSU.

Third week out of four on the road won’t be easy. Wish open date was after MSU.


Or below sea level either.

I seem to remember we were gassed late in the Colorado State game. I bet Sam has lots of oxygen on the sidelines so they can keep the O-2 level up all game.

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I would say Cincy. First game is important. Fickel always has a hard nosed team.

could not agree more. and BYU has a real coach, that is a physical team.


A whole lot of them. We could be a much better team than last year and have a much worse record. This schedule is BRUTAL.

That is always true, but dang.


I think Hogs will be in every game.