Tough weekend for the SEC West

Arkansas is going to have a losing weekend record.

LSU went 1-2 in Houston with losses to Baylor and Oklahoma (no-hitter).

Mississippi State lost two of three at Long Beach State.

Texas A&M was swept in three games vs. UCLA, Illinois and Oklahoma State in Frisco.

Ole Miss beat High Point, East Carolina and Indiana in Greenville, N.C.

Auburn swept Wright State and Alabama swept Harvard.

Yeah not good… but a wake up call sometimes what it takes to get you your act together. South Alabama who we play next weekend took 2/3 from Gonzaga and play Alabama Tuesday.

I’m afraid we look more like Eastern Illiniois than an SEC West team.

I wouldn’t go that far! Baseball is a long season and this is 3 games! The hogs have lost games in the past 2 to 3 years just like this weekend. The unearned runs were the eyesore of the weekend. 7 unearned runs in one weekend! Defense and pitching. We had one of the 2 pitching.
Leaving runners in scoring position especially on third base and less than 2 outs is another area that chaps my rear end. There’s no excuse for not getting those winners across the plate!
Sometimes a piece of “humble pie” is exactly what you need to focus and get your act together.
There were bright spots this weekend!

I’m glad all the other SEC West teams got whipped. I don’t like any of 'em and wish Ole Miss had lost. Pulling for other teams in the SEC has never done anything for me, except give me more frustration. It is every man for himself in this league and don’t you forget it. This pulling for the SEC has got to stop. Can you imagine pulling for Texas, Texas A+M or SMU in the old SWC?

I pull for Arkansas and whoever is playing Ole Miss in any sport.

Mississippi State is dealing with some injuries to great players. JT Ginn hasn’t pitched since the first weekend and won’t pitch again this week. If he is able to pitch against Arkansas next week it will be his first outing in almost a month.

Tanner Allen was also injured yesterday and might miss considerable playing time.

yes those 2 are very good players and would really hurt them if they are out for a long time…They are definently not clicking on all cylinders either.

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