Tough, tough loss

I was literally sick to my stomach. By far our toughest loss of the season.
Unfortunately this game was the epitome of the old saying, “We snatched defeat from the jaws of victory”. We were up 11 with 5 1/2 minutes left. We had all the momentum. We made our run on great D and pace on offense. Out of a time out, what do we do? We slow the offense down and throw pace out the window.

Maybe Muss thought the guys were totally out of gas after making that run? For me, 5 1/2 minutes is just too long to work clock. I wish he’d at least played for pace for a minute or 2 more.

Kudos to the players though. The effort was amazing.

I agree with you. Too darn early to take the air out of the ball and put our home crowd to sleep! Then we failed to get good shots and missed just enough free throws to get beat! We also fouled 90 feet from the basket and 3 point shooter - 3 times. Takes any of that garbage out and we win!
The hogs aren’t showing up to a fight with both barrels loaded. There’s just not enough depth to keep any gas in the tank of our players.
There’s no excuse for missing free throws in the first half. 16/26. That’s our free throws. Or the goal tending that went with a call. The foul on Henderson that took a bucket away! The no call on Jones being fouled all the way down the court only for him to be called for a charge. The trap where Auburn walked but they called a foul on the hogs. There’s so many calls that went against the hogs. We just failed to finish. Just like the LSU game and WKY!

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Geez I’m hella surprised all the coaches on this board aren’t busy getting ready for there next game. Basically Bama game and tonight, 2 fast paced games with 6 players basically these kids are giving there all and there spent and tired

I know for a fact Muss has forgotten more b-ball than anyone on here, it’s actually funny reading this after I’ve cooled down a few hrs cause like Everyone I’m passed we lost that game also


I thought they slowed it down A few times to let Mason catch his breath. He was gassed. I got tired just watching him. Can’t rest on defense.

I’m just frustrated the way we lost with a lead late! Clay these kids played their heart out. I’m proud of their effort and fight. Desi’s ankle is probably still sore from the South Carolina game. Whitt is problem playing on a bad leg.
Joe has surgery today and Mason got pushed down in the second half and landed hard on his knee. It’s a miracle just how close they are to winning every game. They overcome their lack of height and fight as hard as they can.
They have to be near perfect form the free throw line, and they have to value the ball and win the TO battle. The lack of rebounding isn’t their fault late in the game. They were wore out!
The SEC better take notice because you give this team a little depth on the bench and the incoming class on the roster our hogs will be hard to beat.

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Given depth, we will be running teams off the floor. I can’t wait.

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I agree that we can’t be anything but amazed at how hard these six or seven guys play most every game and I would suggest that if we had a couple of more players that CEM could trust on the floor we would probably be 20-2 at this point this season.
We would’ve most likely won against WKU, LSU, South Carolina and Auburn if we had a deeper bench because our guys wouldn’t be gassed down the stretch and probably make a few more late free throws to seal the deal.
Is going to be tough these last 9 games with players injured and having to log so many minutes, but these guys that take the floor don’t quit and I can appreciate that.
Next year we should never be relying on playing 6-7 players plus adding some quality players along with some length should bode well for next season.
If these guys can somehow win 6 of the final 9 games and win a couple SEC Tournament games we should get the NCAA invite.

In addition to being gassed, I thought Mason had trouble after he tumbled into the cheerleaders and came up limping. That seemed to take the legs out of his FT stroke, and generally you shoot FTs as much with the legs as with the arm. But tired legs can also do the same thing.

We played Auburn off their butts without a single point being scored by Jimmy Whitt or Isiah Joe. 2 of our 3 best players did not score. Joe didn’t play, yet we took the #11 team to overtime. It was a heartbreaking loss, but you can’t help but think we are becoming a program similar to what we were under Coach Sutton and Nolan. We are on the way back, finally.

When you see guys in months of practice and twenty games, you know when the legs are gone. So Muss knew what he was up against in that last five minutes, and he had to play the percentages that they could slow the game down and eke out enough points to win. It almost worked.

There was no body on the bench to replace those guards, and this team, as we all know, gets everything through the guards. Jones was exhausted, time outs were not going to bring his legs back. Sills was tired and fouled out, Harris giving what he could but is not a consistent offensive player, and Whitt is not the guy to shoot outside shots or handle pressure defense.

Can’t fault Muss for slowing it down. I would have done it myself. This offense had become a one man show of dribble, dribble, shoot or drive and that one man was spending a lot of energy. I am sure Muss either noticed or heard it from Mason that he was gassed. You could tell Mason did not have the energy to drive and gave up the ball a few times.

On the other hand, the posters are right that doing it six minutes before the end, played it into Auburn’s hands. Our offense had become so predictable to defend.

Desi was driving some, too, but he was having less success and not passing very well when he got into traffic. Going forward, Harris is going to have to produce some off of drives when we see good man defense to alleviate some of the pressure.

I don’t know what to think about Whitt’s guard game right now. He has been primarily playing on offense as a small forward for quite a while, with sometimes spectacular results. Last night he did not seem to be much of a threat when he handled the ball on the outside, either on drives or as a threat to shoot it.

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