Tough spot

With the Hogs baseball game and the women playing basketball at Ole Miss I guess I will watch both and listening to baseball game. My wife thinks I’m crazy! She may be right when it comes to my hogs!
Women come on at

I have baseball on the computer and hoops on the TV when it starts

I did the same thing Swine since baseball was already leading 7-1

In cases like this, I record on (DirecTV DVR) and watch the other “live”.

After watching the live broadcast for 20 or 30 minutes, I pause it and then pull up the game I’m recording and watch it, skipping through commercials. By the time I’ve caught up to real time on the recorded game…I pause it and go back to the “live” game, which by then has 15 or 20 minutes recorded.

leap-frogging like that, I end up seeing both and only finish maybe 10-15 minutes after the second game ends (if they are both the same approx length)… If one is longer (say, a 3-3.5 hour football game vs. 2 hour basketball) I’ve caught up by the time it has ended so I’ve seen 2 complete games in the time it took one to be played.

I was glad to see both wins!

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