Totally out coached

Worst loss since Western Kentucky

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We were outcoached by Freeze who developed a bunch of no stars . He had three quarterbacks ready to play. The third team guy beat us. We have one good quarterback who may be playing hurt not being able to make throws. Where is our second and third quarterbacks? Hornsby was a 4 star. Macadoo was a star today. Why did it take so long to get him in our secondary? Do we have others playing in the wrong position that could help us win ? Recruiting is always the knee jerk excuse for not winning.


In the only real possession of the third quarter of the a and m loss, we ran three run option in a row to end the series when we needed a drive.

Shouldn’t be afraid of Liberty ever.


No doubt. Outplayed and outcoached. Not prepared and ready to go from the start and it cost us

Major step back for the program. I don’t care if they were supposedly ranked. We were 2 td favored at home. We should not lose to Liberty! Period!!


as always. I started posting this after A&M. The most frustrating part is offense line is what we should be known for. Absolutely outmanned. The reason I quit going to games 5 years ago. Can spend my money on better things.

yet he leads the conference in rushing. How is that possible with such predictability.

Coach Broyles seldom beat himself. Punt at mid field and Play defense.


Here is what I saw today …. Our All American Center got his butt beat all day… he needs to come back to school…

Our super Sr RT, got killed all day off the edge…

Our WRs dropped passes all day, Thompson specifically…

We turned the ball over in the end zone, been a problem this whole year!

Had a blocked punt but we did equalize that … However they got 7 and we got two… difference in the ball game…

Our QB is injured and he also needs to come back

We need to make a bowl game, we need the extra practice! Need to recruit like we never have before … and we need to hit the weight room hard !!! Our team looks pudgy , especially our OL.

This is a bad loss; but I’m not ready to hit reset……

I agree with all of this. All of it. But, my gosh, why is the question? Why did the AA center and RT get whipped? Why are the receivers, who are wide open, dropping passes? Why is KJ playing hurt and it being an excuse? Do his eyes hurt? Can he not at least attempt to throw the guy wide open? And how are we going to recruit if we lose to Liberty? I don’t want to hit reset, but what do you think gives you confidence that this situation will improve. I understand it can be worse. I get that. But I would like to see everyone’s investment (players, coaches, fans) yield better results.

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I get the frustration… we are 5-4 and just lost a homecoming game against Liberty…with all those questions… but it’s been that way all year … so I don’t think any of those questions will be answered this year or by “this team”…. But I’ll tell you what, they had better get answered… because they are consistently presenting themselves, sometimes more then others, in game after game….

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Recruiting is the reason we never seem to get ahead. We take a step forward and then two steps back. We’ve had troubles on the defensive side for years. Mostly defensive line and secondary. We’re told the problems are being addressed, but we never send to get better. Our best players this year are mostly transfers. Misevaluations in recruiting and player development has been our biggest weakness for years. Why? Why does it never seem to get better. Until those questions are answered, we will always be near the bottom in the West.


We got beat at the LOS. I don’t know why, but I doubt it was coaching. People always blame coaching after a loss. I think the 4th and 5 play in the first half was a bad call, but mostly we just didn’t execute.

Second, I know it’s only Liberty, but they appear to be a good team. They’re 8-1 for a reason, I don’t care who they’ve played or what the name on the front of the jersey says.

I’m as disappointed as anyone, but usually a loss to a good team comes down to execution. We didn’t execute. They did.

But as bad as it was in the 1st half—when I thought the game was over— they came back and were 6 inches away from tying it. Our o-line didn’t blow their D off the line and KJ couldn’t quite get in despite his running strength. So, at least we fought back and had a chance at the end.


As always a voice of reason……good take.


yet you spend your energy here.


Based on Sam’s comments post-game, we knew what Liberty’s defensive front was going to do; pretty much the same way they attacked Wake Forest. We prepared for it all week, then they came out and were successful with it anyway. Sam’s direct comment was, “they out-schemed and out-quicked us.” They repeatedly stuffed us on the outside zone, then when we tried to run inside they had an answer for that, too.

So, bottom line is that we couldn’t run the ball and our passing game was limited because KJ was “banged up” and “sore.”

Outplayed, outcoached.


Frustrating…yes. But I was there to the bitter end today and will be again next week and the week after. While I may be frustrated and certainly questioning the things that happened today and in earlier defeats, I will not quit going, supporting, and hoping for improvement from these young men and this staff

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I think the comments were our coach working hard not to throw his players under the bus, even though they probably deserved it. We weren’t “out-schemed”. At least 3 or 4 times their big D-lineman in the A-gap went untouched because the center and guard weren’t on the same page. That is not out-schemed, that is just a lack of attention to detail and poor play.


much better team the chad morris team but still ways to go. KJ Is very good but many times i see him looking downfield and the running back wide open for 6 yard swing pass. Very frustrating sometime but still good team. The way they are, they could be get hyped and best LSU