Totally out coached

On all parts of the game.

Online coach should be fired before the game is over.


You don’t go for it for 4th and 12 when you haven’t been able to move ball all day. Sam that was a dumb move!


There is no way this is not on Pittman!! He did NOT have this team ready!! No excuse what so ever. Worst effort I’ve ever seen out of a Razorback team!! IF, and that’s a big IF, they make it to a bowl, won’t spend money on a chance to see what happened today!!!


SP showed no respect for Liberty by going for it on 4th down. My read is he did not take Liberty seriously and it carried over to the players. Tough to move forward when you do not respect the opponent.


I don’t blame the o line coach. We run the slow to develop run option play where we give the ball to rocket most of the time. It is too predictable and easy to stop early in a game. Liberty had a game plan for it and beat us.

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Agree to disagree. We couldn’t run the ball up the middle most of the time. How many sacks did we give up? Not sure but a lot.

How many players from Liberty”s team would we trade our counterpart for? Not many if any.

Watched the O-Line today. They behaved like they didn’t have a clue what was going on. Missed assignments and Blocks all day. Never seen this group play so bad.

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This makes a lot of sense.

Agree regarding the run option. What baffles me is our continuing to try the run option again, and again, and again. All the while getting our butts kicked. OC called a horrible game today. And, I do place blame on the O line coach. Our boys were not ready and did not adjust. They had it taken to them all…day…long.

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We have repeatedly discussed the need to recruit ourselves into a better team. Doubt this game (coaching, unmotivated play, & outcome) will give recruits much incentive to come to Arkansas.

Hopeful the performance of the Hogs under the current coaching staff has not peaked & found its plateau.

Worst effort you’ve ever seen out of a Razorback team? Were you in a coma during the Chad Morris era?


The huge number of tackles for a loss by them says yes. We thought we were way better than them and our
poor preparation and focus cost us dearly.

Or CBB last few games

I actually viewed that the opposite way, if we’re thinking about the same play in the first half. Being in the stadium it felt like Liberty had all the momentum at that point and Arkansas was trying to do whatever it could to get some back. I think the coaches could feel things slipping at that point.


We are no where close to Morris level.

We got outcoached and our players played a lackluster game as a result.

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Hopefully we can convince some portal players they can get on the field almost immediately with the current talent we have.

We need take a serious look at our non-conference scheduling. No need for this type of game at this point of the .

We may be a tough sell to portal players, especially the highly talented.

Do what other SEC team do. Buy them.

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