Totally different situations

Totally different situations, but interesting that the football team finished 9-4 and we are all on top of the world (and justifiably so) and the basketball team is 10-3 and we all act like the sky is falling (but hopefully not justifiably so).

One word. Expectations. After making the elite 8 last year on the hardwood we think it’s happening again.

After only 7 wins in the last 3 years in football a 9 win season is no less than miraculous.


Also, look at the schedule of the two teams. As said, not even close to apples to apples. Hopefully, the basketball team can right the ship, but it sure looks leaky right now.

I figure the basketball team might be .500 in conference unless it improves in a lot of areas. Football was 4-4 in SEC.

I agree Clay. I don’t think this years team will make the NCAA tournament unless there is drastic improvement on defense and better 3 pt shooting from the offense. They have some nice pieces but this years team seems disjointed for some reason.

And of course, football being 4-4 in the SEC, not even considering the upgrade from the down years, just considering that we lost to the two teams in the National Championship game, and not by much to Alabama, would be totally different than the basketball team also finishing .500 in conference play.

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