Total Rebuild in 2017

In my mind only Allen, Williams, Ragnow and Pulley should be considered set in their current position this Spring.
Greenlaw, Cornelius, Agim, Wallace and Capps should start, but not sure where.
I don’t know what you do at safety with these upper classmen that are not SEC quality. The D will never be good with them.
Froholdt is a long way from good.
The D is way too slow and if you can’t tackle you should not play.
Finally Allen has to be far better when things are going badly. He needs to rally his team, not add to the problems.
I say all of this whether we win or lose.

Rebuild in year 5? Shouldn’t you be humming along by then?

Should be indeed… the seat is blazing as it should be. We are a joke

And not a funny joke! :o