Total injustice

No way SC should be ahead of us.

Rip job by the committee.

IMO if given an 8 should have been in Tulsa.

We’ve lost all respect form the BB committee, NCAA.

We truly are irrelevant.

Got to win I guess, I’ll be gone to see a change IF that ever comes.

Where did KY go? Florida?

So it means the SEC tourney means nothing. AND Vandy? Worst record as an at large bid, maybe??

We’d been better off with SC spot or Vandy… RIPPED off…

Do you remember the Missouri and Mississippi State losses? That’s the reason we are a 8 seed. Now the Tulsa issue I’m with you. That’s a snub but North Carolina wasn’t there. The committee is attempting to feed us to North Carolina.
Head to head doesn’t matter. Last ten games don’t matter. It’s about money hands down. Last year became the sorriest at large team to ever get in the Dance. This year on ESPN Dick Vitale and the ACC crew is crying about Syracuse not getting in! They won 2 games on the road.
We have also been left out for not winning on the road.
Bottom line be happy we get to play!

Attitude by the team looked great. I’ll get over it. GOT to win the first one. After reading all the post NC is maybe more beatable than the other choices.

Why would money be a factor, as someone stated? Ark. UNC will draw people?

I actually always think we’re going to win so, GO Hawgs!!