tOSU says they'll wrap up the investigation in 2 weeks

Which will be well before the Buckeyes open their season against the Beavs. Surely after Omaha I don’t have to identify the Beavs further.

One thing to consider about how vigorous they’ll be. Yes, Urban Blight is one of the top coaches in the country. But he’s also at a school that almost can’t lose with its tradition and resources. Even after Jim Tressel got run out of town (which also is instructive on what might happen to UM), the interim coach “struggled” to 6-6 followed by a bowl loss. Right now I think most of us would be pretty happy with 6-6 and a bowl for CM out of the gate.

Point is, Ohio State is going to win, sooner and later. And if they fire Meyer, there will be no shortage of top coaches who will let it be known they’re interested. It’s not going to be a case of having to settle for a John Pelphrey. But they have a reputation they want to maintain, and they may conclude keeping Urban Blight is not worth the PR hit.

I think if they conclude Courtney Smith is credible, and that UM covered up for his buddy, they’ll kick him out the door just like they kicked the Vest.

I hope you’re right Swine - he needs to be ‘taken down a notch’