tOSU #1 in NIL

although I would think it is fluid and subject to change, by whatever measure was chosen the buckeyes have the most NIL for all athletes.

scholarships per sport and roster size per sport does show that NIL can serve a good purpose, I knew baseballl was obvious buy many other sports have rosters without schollies:

Most marketable gymnasts is well done and the SEC has the top two with Sunisa Lee being the obvious top one

One OSU athlete had $210K in NIL for July alone. Must be the QB - he has a high national profile.

I’d honestly be surprised if $3 million was the most in NIL deals that a university’s group of athletes had this year. At least if you believe all the rumors out there.

If you believe what’s said about the Aggies, they are paying somewhere around $30 million just for their outstanding football class that was recently signed.

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