D1 Baseball Rankings

1 Wake Forest
3 Hogs
4 Vandy
5 Stanford

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NCAA RPI this morning:


Stanford is 14th, up from 21st after a road sweep at AZ State.

That Kentucky RPI is going to be interesting

I wonder when (if ever) the #1 RPI team has not been a Top 8 seed?

I think they’ll probably be top 8 but not top 4. I just did my own bracketology in a separate thread.

Arkansas is ranked third in this week’s baseball coaches poll, matching its highest ranking of the season.

The Razorbacks host South Carolina this week in the highest-ranked matchup at Baum-Walker Stadium in two years.

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I don’t understand why KY has that strong an RPI. I could see it three or four weeks ago, but they’ve lost quite a bit since then. I could understand top 10 or a bit better, but #1?

Remember, RPI is basically a glorified strength of schedule rating, which is why the basketball committee dumped it. Baseball committee hasn’t dumped it. And Kentucky’s SOS is #1. And with series remaining against Tennessee and Florida, it will stay there. They’ve only played three games outside the RPI top 200; tomorrow against TN Tech will be the fourth. They swept Indiana State, which is very high in the polls, and they just swept the Chickens.

I hope we don’t face Kentucky at any point this season. They are pesky bunting and moving runners and stealing bases.