The consensus I get is that the team has been asked to learn and run only about 30% of the offense. To someone with coaching expertise and knowledge of the Morris system. How many plays is 30%

I couldn’t tell you how many plays that entails. I asked Joe Craddock during the spring how long it would take an offense to learn the entire playbook.

“Years,” he said.

So it’s a Jim Chaney type install?? We seemed to score some points under the Dan Enos install.

I coached for 35 years in a very successful program that made the state playoffs 33 of those 35 years. We utilized angle blocks in our base blocking scheme which was a 3 man cross blocking scheme. We were one of the smaller large school team and attacking at angles allowed us to take advantage of our quickness and allowed our lineman to never have to take on D- lineman head-up. This system was very difficult to install in those first few years. I think our struggles on on offense are in part key to the new blocking schemes. Barry Switzer spent some time on a Friday night prior to playing Iowa State study what we did at the line of scrimmage.

Plus its a moving target (literally and figuratively): opposing coaches are trying to put bodies where you can’t block them.


Plus its a moving target (literally and figuratively): opposing coaches are trying to put bodies where you can’t block them.

[/quote]First, we don’t have the QB to efficiently run this offense. In my opinion, in this type of offense you must complete over 65% to move the sticks consistently. We just can’t put the ball in the receivers arms at that rate. And then, well, the receivers need to catch the ball when they have the opportunities. We missed a couple of those early in the game on Saturday…Then, the defense grew stones and began to attack. When Vandy attacked we seemed to immediately cave. It wasn’t until late in the game when the coaches decided to open things up…well, that was a dollar short decision, as well.

I see progress, although it’s slow. Losing to Vandy this season, is not an abysmal thing; Vandy’s not that bad.

I’m looking forward to continued improvement…and next season.

I would hope it would be less than 4 years.

Some game i was watching a couple weeks ago and i can’t remember who, they were pretty successful also told the TV crew they had 27 offensive plays, and that’s all they had, run from different formations. I don’t think you need a whole lot more. Simplify and be excellent at what you do.

Run pass option is one kind of play. It can be run at different points and changes with every different front or different formation. So it does take time to perfect.