Top WR getting feedback about Hogs … sas-suppo/

Hope we get him but the most exciting nugget in the story was this quote from him on Gunnell,

“It was a pretty special one knowing that my quarterback --that’s pretty much where his family is from,” Jackson said. “To see him get so excited for me and jumping up and down…”

If young Mr. Gunnell is getting excited about his receiver’s offer from the Hogs and is “jumping up and down” over it that has to bode well for us.

RD, based on what little I know about baseball scouting that 6.3 60-yard sprint by Bryson would give him a future projection tool score of at least à 70 in running. Scouts give them scores of 20 (the lowest) to 80 (the highest) on each of the five tools. So a 70 would be an awesome score, almost elite. Well it would be be superstar quality in my book.

Richard, you must be either masochistic or a glutton for punishment if you want us to “emaul” you. :wink:

This is interest but I just don’t know how much. He’s obviously very physically gifted.

He has started strong with the bat.

I agree. Take it easy on me.