Top Texas safety likes Smith's 'lil swagger' … l-swagger/

Seems like we are really aiming high for the 2020 class; it is refreshing to see. I wonder if we have (or will have) any special branding or marketing with “20/20”; it seems that would almost be a given with this recruiting crew.

To me that is why this Fall is so important–to keep the momentum toward 2020. Not that we go 9-3 as my very optimistic son is predicting…but that we show we have a plan and are progressing toward bigger things. 7-5 or 6-6 is evidence enough IMO, especially if we are “in” all the games into the 2nd halves. I am not really into style points but I think they will matter this year for recruits that are looking for markers for an upward trend.

Thanks for all the good updates Richard. It is obvious you enjoy your job and I think it comes through in the quality of the interviews you conduct with these young men.

Thanks for the kind words.