Top ten most embarrassing moments in Razorback History.................

…I am going to make my list. Interested in what others might think:

  1. Fans getting and publishing Houston Nutt cell phone records to finish running him off. Most agreed he needed to go at the time but that was an extremely embarrassing way to make it happen.
  2. The overall performance of our defense this year and last year. Negative records being broken over and over. Last in the SEC, very low rated in the nation, with no end in sight.
  3. Two time conference champion winning coach, Kenny Hatfield, takes the job at Clemson without visiting the campus to get away from Frank’s meddling with his program and his staff.
  4. Dana Altman walks away from the Razorback coaching job after one day on campus.
  5. One of the top athletic directors in the nation is fired not because he has anything to do with the football coach (that the BOT was ecstatic to hire at the time) failing, but because he wasn’t “one of us enough” to satisfy some big money boosters.
  6. At a bowl game, one Senior leader dismissed from the team for shop lifting and another getting kicked off the field for spitting in a defender’s face thus totally cutting the legs out from under the self proclaimed “high character” football program.
  7. Bobby Petrino crashing his motorcycle with his illegally hired employee/mistress on the back and trying to lie his way out of it.
  8. Frank forcing Nutt to hire high school coach Malzahn to “fire up the offense” and get his four elite recruits to come with him and the, surprise, disastrous staff backstabbing that resulted.
  9. Citadel beats Arkansas and Jack Crowe is immediately fired.
  10. The entire year that John L. Smith was Arkansas’ Head Football Coach.


A ranked Arkansas team giving up the most rushing yards ever ( ever is a long time) in an SEC game and getting completely embarrassed on national TV by Auburn. It was the beginning of the end for CBB and triggered the collapse that’s still underway.

That is a good one and almost made my top ten. Where in the list would you rank it?

Good list.

Firing the recent national AD of the year tells the world all one needs to know about good ole boy U leadership, and diminishes credibility across the country.

Thank you. In an effort to be fair, I have to point out that 1, 2, 6, 7, & 10 all happened during Long’s tenure so that may have helped #5 happen.

Good points.

But Sugar Bowl year and following year finishing #5 AP for first time in 30 years on his watch as well.

Look, Football has trended downward better part of two years and needs a change.

Jeff is no diety and no doubt rubbed some the wrong way and he wasn’t from Arkansas which seems important to some.

But he had national credibility and ensured highest revenues in history of athletic program.

I’m sure there are factors we don’t understand in fairness to the board.

I just so hope we know what we are doing.

Petrino no. 7? That’s 1 or 2 on any list. I’d also say the football and baseball probations should be there.