Top ten MLB Arkansans list ------------

----------------- four more to go. I am thinking Brooks Robinson as #1, Dizzy Dean #2, but I am puzzled about the other two. We have Lou Brock, School Boy Roe, Tori Hunter, Bill Dickey, and Don Kessinger. All Hall of Famers. I vote for School Boy Roe. In the late 1920’s, my Grandfather played first base for the Phillips Petroleum team in Smackover. In the off season, the oil companies would pay major leaguers to be on their company teams, one with the young School Boy Rowe on it came to play, and my Grandfather hit a home run off of School Boy Roe.

Its an MLB Razorbacks list. None of the guys you listed were Hogs; Kessinger is a Rebneck.

I don’t think these have been named yet…

Kevin McReynolds
Johnny Ray
Cliff Lee
Dallas Keuchel

Ooooops! Sorry. I misunderstood the list. My bad. Are there ANY Razorbacks in the MLB Hall of Fame? Since the Hogs and college baseball is not a factor until the late 60’s, that leaves out a lot of great Arkansans.

You may have listed the top four. I’m personally not sure Ray should be that high but it ain’t my list.

AFAIK, there are no ex-Hogs in the HOF.

Native Arkansans in the HOF: Lou Brock, Brooks Robinson, Travis Jackson, George Kell, Arky Vaughan, Dizzy Dean.

Rickey Henderson lived in Pine Bluff for a while but he wasn’t born there and he went to high school in Oakland.

There are no Razorbacks in the Baseball Hall of Fame, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I thought Cliff Lee might have an outside chance at it, but he didn’t come close to getting enough votes this year to be on the ballot again.

If Keuchel wins a couple more Cy Youngs he might be a candidate. Benny would have to take the same kind of leap in the bigs that he took after his freshman year at UA. Who knows, it might be Kjerstad.

I think it’s Eric Hinske instead of Ray.


I was fortunate to attend the UA during Johnny Ray and Kevin McReynolds era. Even played American Legion ball against Kevin.

If my memory is correct, Kevin’s signing bonus was approximately $125K -150K. I think Ray Kroc signed the actual check. Obviously Kevin remembers the details…but I vaguely remember Kevin having a slight challenge depositing his check because they initially thought the check was a fake. Matt Jones and Kevin enjoyed the same demeanor. They were both outstanding athletes and played to the best of their ability. But to some fans they appeared to be too nonchalant at times. The sport just came so easy to them. As if they weren’t challenged.

As for Johnny. IMHO, he never received the acclaim he deserved. Very much underrated. Like Kevin, very humble. I vividly remember stating once during a home game among the Arkansas beat reporters that I thought Johnny would be a MLB starter. Boy did that start a heck of an argument. It was a beat down on me. He also didn’t get any respect in the draft, being drafted in the 12th round. But he was an outstanding 2B for the Pirates. Very consistent. I would describe his game as smooth.


Hinske has already been listed, seventh or eighth I think.

Lou Brock and Arky Vaughan may have been born in Arkansas, but moved to California at a very young age.

Bill Dickey and Schoolboy Row were around 10 years old when they moved to Arkansas from Louisiana

Wasn’t Preacher Roe also from Arkansas? I forget actually.

Ash Flat.

Thanks for that BJ, I was a big Dodger fan in those days. By the time I saw Ebbets Field, it was an apartment building.

I kind of cheated and looked up Hogs in MLB. Johnny Ray played 10 seasons, had 1,502 hits, and a lifetime BA of .290. I was surprised that McReynolds came in fourth, and maybe Johnny Ray won’t be picked in the top three but he had more hits than McReynolds in two fewer seasons and fewer at bats. So he’s probably one of the top three.

Arky Vaughan moved to California. Lou Brock moved to northern Louisiana and actually attended Southern U in Baton Rouge before signing a pro contract.

An Arkansan who had a good professional career but is not talked about a lot is Randy “Ransom” Jackson, who was a two-time All-Star third baseman for the Cubs in the 1950s. He grew up in Little Rock.

He holds a lot of interesting distinctions. For instance, he was the last Brooklyn Dodger to hit a home run before the team moved to Los Angeles, and in 1955 was the first baseball player to ever be credited with an intentional walk. It was the first season intentional walks were tracked.

Jackson was a freshman at the UA before transferring to TCU to join a Navy pilot program. The Navy moved its program from TCU to the University of Texas, so he transferred to Austin near the end of the war. He played football at both schools and played in back-to-back Cotton Bowls - one with TCU, the other with Texas. As a baseball player he won three straight SWC batting titles.

There is some ambiguity about whether he played baseball for Arkansas. He is listed in the Razorbacks’ media guide as a former player, but his memoir seems to suggest he never played organized baseball until he went to TCU.

I did not realize JRay hit that well in the bigs. I was around the '79 team and got to know Johnny and Kevin McReynolds fairly well.

Since KMac is now #4 on the list, I’m going to guess that Ray is third, Keuchel is #2 and Cliff Lee is #1. But any permutation of those three wouldn’t surprise me.

Ray won a Silver Slugger award in his second full season with the Pirates. He hit .283 that year. He hit a career-best .312 the following year, but Ryne Sandberg won the first of his six Silver Sluggers with a .314 average.