Top teams in transfer portal according to The Athletic

This article is dated this morning, so it’s current. They have Kentucky picked as having the best transfer season thus far, Arkansas is 2nd, Texas 3rd. Other teams of interest: Auburn 5th, Alabama 6th, and Oklahoma 10th.

Noticed they were having trouble deciding who was our best addition, Lykes or Umude.

That’s a nice situation to have since Lykes was chosen on the pre-season 1st team all ACC last year. Of course, there is the unknown about his season ending injury and any possible lingering effects. Umude proved himself to be one of the top scorers in the country last season. I believe both will be major contributors to the team’s success this season.

I wouldn’t trade our 3 current transfers for any other team’s top 3. And, we undoubtedly will still bring in 2 or 3 more. I think we as fans, should not expect our next 2-3 to be of the same talent level as the 3 we now have. I hope we can get one big with a similar talent level though. That would really put this team over the top in the transfer market.

Why should we not expect our next transfers to be as talented or more?

Possibly because the best talent is already taken. Or maybe not. Maybe some KYSO guy decides to grab a seat on the Muss Bus sometime this month.

There’s a lot of great talent available.

There’s been basically nothing on Tre Mitchell since he entered the portal early on. Wonder if that means he’s leaning towards entering the draft. He’s the type that would be the perfect fit for this roster.

Main reason is all the starter jobs and 6th man job have been taken. I know someone will post that a good player should not be afraid to compete. However, that is a make believe world. Every talented player (which are the ones you are talking about) makes his decision on how he fits in the program and the biggest portion of the fit is whether he fits on the bench or on the court.

I keep searching the web on him. And you are right that there is nothing on him

Simple, the talent pool (transfer portal) has shrunk as players have chosen their new destinations. Sure, there are still talented players in the portal, but in much fewer numbers.

I don’t think the starter jobs are full and I also think there are players in the portal that are better than players on our team. I also think you can use the portal to build depth. Not every player we get has to be a 1 and done to be a tremendous get for this team.

Sure. Agree with that. More the better.

But you are putting yourself in the coach’s shoes in viewing this. I am looking at it from the player’s side and what a player would do in selecting which school to attend,

The next pool of impact player’s are the one’s currently getting evaluated by NBA Scouts, GM’s and team reps.

Once it’s determined their draft stock is too low then they will either return to their college programs or look for a better situation at a more recently proven commodity.

These player’s have already been contacted by Arkansas and are just weighing their options…


Good point.

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