Top target said Hogs in top 2

Noreel White said that after today’s visit. He’ll visit again tomorrow.

He also visited in Jan.


Come on down noreel!!

let him bring some Aunt Jenny’s catfish and blind taste test with Catfish Hole. Aunt Jenny’s is catfish supreme

Or some shed BBQ, or some Cheryl’s cheer wood steaks? Or some crawfish nachos from the station? Or a steak sandwich from the project lounge?

Is it pond raised catfish?

Would like to see Mr White take the field for the Hogs and I thank him for considering the Razorbacks as a place for him in the future. Wish him the best! WPS

Most of your catfish eaten in restaurants come from Belzoni Mississippi. It’s called the catfish captital of the world for that reason.

Who is the second team in the Top 2? Ole Miss?

I wonder how true this is of restaurants in Arkansas tho, since this state is still third in catfish production. I remember well how Catfish Haven between Dumas and Gould got the ball rolling in our area in the late sixties. By the mid seventies when I had a summer job at a farmers co-op we delivered tons of feed to ponds all around.

Back on topic: sure hope Noreel makes the right choice–Hogs all the way.

He’ll make the right choice if they took him to the Catfish Hole. :wink: