Top target killing it in


'23 OL Charles Jagusah is undefeated in wrestling with a record of 22-0.

He took first place at the Princeton, (Ill) event which I’m told is major tournament. He pinned all four opponents in the 1st period with total wrestling time of 3:03. He was named the most outstanding wrestler of the event.

He’s only been challenged once so far. He defeated the No. 1 ranked wrestler in Indiana in overtime. The guy he beat had beaten the No. 1 ranked wrestler in Michigan who was also ranked No. 12 nationally.

He plans to visit the Hogs again in the spring.

He would be a tremendous get. Those wrestlers make some fine football players. Leverage, grappling, and strength are present in winning wrestling. Quite record he has at such a high level.

What do you feel our chances are Richard?

I say good but early. He wants to play in the SEC which is a big plus.

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Sounds good …we’ll keep an eye on him

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