Top SEC scorers from Arkansas.

If they’re not wearing a Razorback uniform, I don’t care how many points KA and MM score. Articles about them should be in wholegatorsports and wholewildcatsports.

I think the point of the article is that the state of Arkansas is producing some pretty darn good players these days. The good news is that most of the outstanding young talent coming up is already committed to us.

I understood that. My point is that I don’t like pictures of Kentucky players on wholehogsports unless they’re being posterized by a Razorback dunk. I get their decision to go elsewhere. I just don’t have to like it. If I ever want to read about KA or MM, I’ll go to their team website. I’m even glad that KY doesn’t come here this year. He turned down his opportunity to play on our court.

KA will be here Dec 29 wearing a UF uniform.

Hopefully, BWA will be packed with loud Hog fans.

I bet that article did not please Mike Anderson. Two studs that got away.

That was their choice, not MA’s.

Interesting perspective? I believe Malik would have come to Ark if big brother did not get the Sports agent position in Cal’s agency firm in Kentucky . Hence unless Mike found Marcus an appropriate job to go along with his MBA degree all of Mike’s recruiting efforts in pursuit of Malik is wasted. It was never about Malik it was all about how Marcus felt about the UA. And Allen never wanted to play in Arkansas if he didn’t play for Florida (and he had a chance to de-commit) he would have gone to Memphis State where most of his AAU buddies played on team Penny. I’ve come to this conclusion as it relates to this generation of young athletes if you haven’t established a relationship (and it doesn’t happen over night) you better be the means to their ends…