Top prospect said he and Coach Caldwell

LB Derick Hall of Gulfport, Miss. are building a great relationship. He’s still working on a date for an OV during the season. He’s really been impressed with Caldwell.

Story from The Opening: … -opening-/

RD, would he be a LB or a DE at Arkansas?

He could do both in my opinion, but OLB first.

Caldwellmania is runnin’ wild brother!

Normally when I hear a kid mention having a great relationship with a coach I take it with a grain of salt, but Derick seemed to be genuinely impressed. I think it will be hard to get him away from Auburn or MSU, but you never know should he visit Arkansas.

I’ve met Steve Caldwell in social situations over the past several years. He is very personable & puts people at ease. He comes across as a straight shooter which probably explains why he’s not a head coach.

Whatcha’ gonna do when Caldwellmania runs wild alllllll overrrrr youuuuuu…BROTHER!

Caldwell rules, so glad we got him back.