Top MLB draft picks to watch in CWS

The cover photo caught my eye. This is behind a pay wall, but the part about Wallace is shown below the article link.

4. Cayden Wallace, 3B, Arkansas

2022 Stats: 62 G | 75 H | 17 2B | 1 3B | 15 HR | 57 RBI | 12 SB | 37 BB | 51 K | .299 BA | .393 OBP | .554 SLG

Wallace is a draft-eligible sophomore who has underperformed expectations this spring, cutting his strikeout rate from last year but also hitting for less power. His swing is sound with good rotation and what looks like the right angle for line-drive power, so it might be a matter of building strength, although he’s also had huge trouble on changeups.


We put Walkace on our preseason cover because he is the best player on the team. I still believe that.


“hitting for less power”

Huh? He has 15 homers this year in 62 games, 14 last year in 60. XBH: 11 doubles, no triples in 2021, 14 doubles and one triple in 2022. Oh yeah, BA, runs scored and walks drawn are also up.

Sometimes people see what they want to see.

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