Top jobs open, and top coaches to fill them?

What schools do y’all believe will be open at the years end? We know LSU and likely Texas. Maybe Notre Dame. But who are the top coaches available? I know Herman is on everyone radar and just hope he doesn’t pick LSU. Our conference is hard enough as it is. Any info is appreciated!

hot coaches:

  1. Tom Herman
  2. PJ Fleck
  3. Jimbo Fischer
  4. Kendal Briles (guilt by association??)
  5. McIntyre (Colorado)
  6. Bryan Harsin
  7. Scott Frost
  8. Sonny Dykes???
  9. Lincoln Riley (Broyles finalist last year)
  10. Chad Morris to Baylor?

I think Larry Fedora at North Carolina will garner some interest. I also wonder if Mike Leach would get some consideration for a job bigger than Washington State. He is 55, so if he’s going to make a final move it would need to be soon.

I do not think Blake Anderson at Arkansas State is in the mold of the past coaches there. I don’t think ASU has won a game under him outside of the Sun Belt Conference, which is the weakest in FBS.

Sonny Dykes would seem to be a good fit to go back to coach somewhere in Texas, but is Baylor or Texas Tech really a step up from Cal? He won’t get a sniff for UT or A$ M(if Sumlin takes off for the NFL), His next good defense will be his first, which will keep him out of the SEC.

PL Fleck keeps getting linked to the Purdue job, but why would any one go coach there if better jobs are available? Oregon might take a hard look at him, though the Boise State guy might be more likely. I wonder if Fleck would consider Kentucky if they make a change.

Herman gets to choose between two difficult fan bases, LSU and Texas. The tea sippers can throw more money, and it is an easier conference to win than the SEC, so I am betting he ends up in Austin. He’s the flavor of the month, so the salary will be enormous.

I think Jimbo probably realizes he would be better off at FSU than LSU. If he turns LSU down, that may put the Tigers in a really tough spot. If he does happen to jump, FSU should go after Dan Mullen. In fact, every body with an opening should go after Mullen-wonder if he has a non-compete for SEC.

McIntyre has brought Colorado back from the walking dead, so he may well be in demand once Herman decides.

Freeze and Malzahn might put out some feelers for some of these jobs, in order to stay one step ahead of the posse.

Those are some good names. I like PJ, also! He has done a great this year. Any schools that you think may surprise us with a firing? Of course, some of the coaches named are already at other schools, so they would have to find another coach as well.

Matt, since he is a California kind of guy, I think Leach would certainly look hard at Cal, maybe UCLA if they want to make a change. Have to say I haven’t heard anything at all about UCLA coming open, but they really tanked this year, and you never know about those LA schools.

It will be the domino effect for sure. If all on Dr’s list get decent offers and most I’ve seen are, I think all but Jimbo would leave their current school. I can’t imagine why he would sign up to battle the SEC West, headed up by Bama, every year.

Thing is, some are being mentioned in connection with the same job. One other who may not move is the Boise State coach. Unless he could land the Oregon job I’m not sure where he could go otherwise that would improve his lot, maybe Cal.

Purdue looks like its search is coming down to Fleck and Les Miles. Yes, the Grasseater is ready to chew again. Good thing Purdue has the real stuff on its field.

What makes Leach a California type of guy?

PJ Fleck should really consider jobs other than Purdue. I think behind Herman he is the #2 best up and coming out there. My BR connections are saying that they are hearing his name come up as a back up to Jimbo and that they have resigned themselves to the fact that Herman is headed to Texas if and when it opens up.