Top in-state sophomore wants to attend dream school … am-school/

WOW RD…this kid is CO 2021 but already the size of a LB and he is a RB!!! That’s what Bama’s RBs look like, hope this young man has some wheels to go with that size!!

I didn’t get to see him play in-person this season but will make an effort next year, but someone I respect is really high on him.

His film looks good but I want to see him in-person.

Barring any change of mind by this kid as his recruiting blows up in the next 2 years, I love Myles’s desire and how outspoken he is to play for the Hogs.
Wish there was more of that from the in state recruits. Once a Hog always a Hog.
I think CCM will bring that custom back to AR.

Look forward to reports back on him in the future RD.

Definitely. He seems like a humble kid.