Top grad transfer says Musselman is coach who stands out (Hogs make cut)

Sounds like he would be a great replacement for Jimmy Whitt.

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Do Jeff and Jake have Alabama and Arkansas mixed up?

It is Arkansas not Alabama. Musselman gave him a tour of the facilities on Facetime.

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Jimmy Whitt may be a better defender (and with total respect for Jimmy) but Justin Turner is the whole package on offense. I would say that if Jones ends up being drafted that Turner would be his replacement. Or he would be part of a 3 headed monster with Jones and Joe (if Jones comes back). What we need is another big out of the Grad Transfer Portal (ie… Bruner, Marfo, Markusson, Goodwin or Croswell).
I haven’t heard if any of these has made a decision yet. If anyone has heard, please let us know.

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