Top backcourt duos next season

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We’re gonna beat Tennessee by 32. Vescovi ain’t it

Beating Tennessee by 32 on the road would be quite a feat. I’d settle for a buzzer beater.

The Vols will be really good once again.

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Vescovi may be pretty good this year. Seems like this must be his 8th year at TN.


I’m hoping our backcourt is a lot better than pretty good. U never know with freshman under pressure their first year, but we are talking about nba talent


Our duo should be top 5 at the least. We have the undisputed #1 freshman 2G in the country and a consensus 5 star PG. Yes, they are freshmen, but proven freshmen on top 10 nationally ranked high school teams. They both were outstanding in the post season all star games.

That’s OK though. Just gives them a little chip on their shoulders to prove this to be true.

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This is how much I believe in our backcourt and Muss…I’m placing a pretty sizable (for me) bet on the Hogs to win the natty when I get to Vegas on Friday. I don’t think there is a team in the country with more talent than ours.


Don’t know where you are staying, but, to make your bet, you should go to a Caesars’ property (Paris, Bally’s, Planet Hollywood, Harrahs, Rio, Flamingo), whichever is closest to you. Stay away from MGM properties (Bellagio, Mirage, Mandalay Bay, Monte Carlo, NY, NY, etc.).

18-1 at Caesars. Just 14-1 at MGM. Of course, that’s subject to change by the time you get there.

Good luck. Play sober at the tables. Party hard, just not at the tables. There’s been a few occasions in past years that I did not heed my own advice. It was pretty ugly. I finally learned my lesson the hard way. For the last 20 years, it’s been 1 beer, 1 water, 1 water, eat something, 1 beer, etc. with an hour in-between each.

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All good advice, Larry. Thanks for the tip about Caesars’ properties. I’m staying at The Palms, and The Rio is right across Flamingo.

I think projections about Arkansas backcourt are based on a general feel rather than history, since they have not played a minute of college ball. Similar to how our team ranking is based on feel rather what returning players have done.

To rank us in Top 10 and the backcourt duo in Top 10, I take that as a compliment. Hopefully the season will prove pre-season rankings were too conservative,


I think that European trip next month will be huge for this team, PJ. Sure wish we could watch it, and that we stay healthy :crossed_fingers:.

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Hopefully Muss with his emphasis on promotion, will have videos of the games. Sure hope that,

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nah top 5 easily

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Talent is talent, history or no history. Mix in good coaching, and it’s easy to see why certain predictions are what they are.

Preseason projections are often based on “feel, rather than history”. Kentucky has routinely been ranked preseason top 5 or 10, based on the feel that the incoming talent, that has never played a minute of college basketball, will perform at an elite level.

Same for NBA draft picks. Every top NBA pick has never played at that level, yet large investments are made on the “feel” that they will perform at an elite level.

People see what Coach Muss has done at Arkansas with less talent than what his next team will have. So, easy to see why certain projections are so high. We have an elite Coach, who is an elite recruiter, which will routinely bring high preseason expectations. History or no history.

Frankly, I’m a bit stunned by a prognostication of Top 10, considering the absence of even a minute. Sounds good, though.

Now I realize how Kentucky fan’s feel each season, loaded with AAU to NBA lottery picks with the big unknown being the adjustment to playing 24 yr old men.

Our Advantage will be the upcoming European Tour as players grow weary of guarding teammates. When just a certain look from your roommate could signal “CUT TO THE BASKET!!” because of familiarity.


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