Top 8 Seed

To me, this team never looked like a top 8 seed. We came in rated highly because of last season. Our early SEC games were against a poorer group of teams. The second half of the SEC schedule has been a struggle, consistently revealing the Hogs weaknesses.

From over-rated to blown out by a lower tier team. It is what it is.


They were picked first in the SEC West by the coaches. I’m sure they knew EXACTLY what Arkansas had on its roster. The one change is that they lost Paulette after the coaches voted. I never really know where to pick them. I never do make any predictions in baseball. No one has ever asked me. That’s good because I don’t keep up with any of the other teams in preseason. But the coaches also picked Ole Miss to win the overall title. That one was a heads scratcher. How do you vote one team first, but a team in the same division as first in the division. I don’t recall that happening too often.


I do not agree with you. Our best “trump card” (pardon the term) was that we were the presumed SEC West Champions. When you have that title, some other things can be overlooked.

But fnishing as we did, and finishing 2nd in the SEC West, our RPI (currently 33) puts us in great jeopardy of not hosing a regional. If we reach the finals of the SECT, our RPI should climb into the 20’s and that may…MAY…be good enough.

But to say that “there’s no way” we do not host a Regional is just not correct. We either will, or we won’t. But it’s not the slam-dunk it was presumed to be all season long…until the last 2 weeks.

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I think it was because the division winners were only predicted by the division coaches, where the overall was voted by all of them

All coaches vote for both divisions and the overall champ. Arkansas had more votes than Ole Miss to win the West, but all of the coaches who picked Ole Miss to win the division also voted for Ole Miss to win the conference, whereas some of the coaches who picked Arkansas to win the West voted for an East team to win the overall title.

Ah yes, I remember now

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