Top 6 Established

Interesting comments from Muss:

  • 6 players have separated themselves from the others
  • 4 to 6 are not in “game shape” yet

I’m assuming none of those who are struggling with physical conditioning are among the top 6



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We need 9-10 players to separate themselves otherwise we’ll get bounced out of the elite 8 again. You can’t win back-to-back tournament games with 6 players getting majority of minutes. Can’t be like last season.

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Villanova made the Final Four last year playing SIX players.


exception rather than norm probably

Coach Richardson’s teams always played great in short- turnaround ncaa tournament games becuz he would legit play 12 players. Fatigue was never an issue with his best teams.

Against Baylor 2 seasons ago and Duke last season, Arkansas lost both games becuz the team had next to nothing left in the tank.

Of course it didn’t help matters that Duke was just better than us at all 5 positions on the court.

Baylor game slipped away from us when JD fouled out.

Don’t see how you can win 6 tournament games in a row with a 6-man rotation given the energy and effort Arkansas exerts on the defensive end of the court.

Maybe Coach Musselman will prove me wrong lol!

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I am guessing the six are Nick, Black, Devo, Brazile, Council and Johnson.

I’d replace Black with Walsh, but otherwise I agree

Where is Dunning? I would expect him to always be ready.

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I agree with that too. I think he’s going to play more than some expect. Wax’s quotes were confusing to me. Maybe 6 separated themselves but not by being game ready, since it was only 4-6 that aren’t. Idk.

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Black,Smith,Walsh, Devo, Brazile, Council probably most game-ready

Dunning probably right there

Interesting that Muss mentioned that the 4 bigs are still “figuring things out” (Graham Johnson Mitchells) but they all offer a little something different; seemed to imply Mekhi Mitchell might be separating himself from the other 3

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I absolutely guarantee one of those 6 is Dunning. I’ve heard a lot of people who know saying he is going above and beyond even what Muss expects from him.


You are not wrong. I think Muss will play more guys this year. Gonzaga and Duke in 48 hrs was too much, and Muss knows it.

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How about if he had said, "We’ve got 6 players who have really separated themselves, strong text****and 4 more who are damn good, but not quite up to the level of the aforementioned 6?strong text"

Don’t think Johnson is one of those 4. He knows the system too well. I think he is talking about Graham, Mitchell twins plus either Walsh or Brazile.

I thought about Dunning, but didn’t know who to leave out from the six I picked. I think Muss’s statement is about both ends of the floor. Maybe Dunning over either Brazile or Council?

There is also a report out that Nick says Ford is doing really well.


Yeah. Nick said Derrian has stood out lately. That would be a good sign for more quality depth.

I don’t know about Barry over Council. For some reason, I just sense that Barry has more upside. It blew me away to hear that Barry’s verticle was the best on the team. His shot is pretty too, and he looks under control. I am a fan.

Obviously, Brazile looks to be a monster.


I think Devo is in shape and ready to play but at his position there are better options at his position.

I’m not concerned about having 4 - 6 players not in game shape. It’s only October 12 and I’ll bet they will be in game shape by the end of the month. They will get a feel this Sunday of what they have to do and we’ll be ok in that department. Only having 6 players separating themselves is concerning. We need 8 to be comfortable, maybe 9 in case of injury.

I’d replace Council with Walsh No doubt. No way Walsh is not in the top six

Walsh reminds me a little of how Dan Gafford was crazy athletic but seemed to get knocked down to the floor just as often as he soared above the rim as a freshman. I also haven’t seen that elite three point shot out of Walsh yet. Maybe he isn’t in game shape yet? I know he has a ton of ability. I’m not convinced he’s in the top 6 yet. Wish I could watch the red white game

They will all be in shape shortly with the Jason Kidd drill being used. It will get them in tip top shape.

I listened to the interview. I don’t think there are just six who will play. I think there may be six in the group vying for starting position but I think he’s going to play more early. I bet plenty play in Hawaii when they play three games in a tight window.