Top 50 2024 prospect to visit on Sat

Tackett Curtis’ teammate

Amazing vision, speed, focus, physicality. Hard to imagine the talent level of players ranked ahead of him.

Heard anything lately about Tackett RD?

He’s taking visits. I expect him back to the Hill at some point. I expect him to take one of his official visits to Arkansas. Would be very, very surprised if he didn’t.

Got a crystal ball prediction from Wiltfong to Ohio State recently.

If we get Tackett then I think we also get Ty next year! That would be the bomb-bomb-bomb (think of Ben Stiller saying it…)

Singleton looks like the typical LSU safety…big, rangy, fast. He and Curtis would set the middle of our D for years.

That would be a big contributing factor in getting us to a top ten level.

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