Top 5 SEC QBs

It really is "Talking Season"

Tim Tebow’s list

  1. B Young, Bama
  2. W Levis, UK
  3. A Richardson, Fla
  4. S Rattler, SC
  5. H Hooker, Tenn (although he did mention KJ as being “under consideration”)

Jordan Rodgers list

  1. B Young, Bama
  2. S Rattler, SC
  3. H Hooker, Tenn
  4. KJ Jefferson, Ark
  5. W Rogers, MSU
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Gotta love disrespect. it’s not a chip, it’s gonna be a log on their shoulder


Tebow continues to find success with a small sack of marbles. I am surprised by Jordan’s infatuation with Rattler and Hookler in ranking them over Jefferson. I will be surprised if Arkansas loses two games in the SEC under Jefferson’s leadership and skill. As noted, Jefferson is going to need one of those South Arkansas wood chip hauling trailers to carry these “awarded” chips,

Richardson as the third best QB in the conference? Even by Tebow standards that’s over-the-top homerism.

Arkansas is also lower ranked than some teams that have new coaches and coming off bad years in the chances to win either the West or the conference…hope someone in the football offices are making screenshots for bullentin board material

It don’t matter what Tebow thinks, we’re gonna play the schedule and we’ll see. :sunglasses:


Jefferson is a better QB than Timmy. There…I said it!


I absolutely cannot stand Tim Tebow. Never have liked him or had one lick of respect for him.

Probably an irrational take, but he has always come off as the whiny brat who started life on third base and thought he hit a triple (thanks, Ann Richards).

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He’d prolly be more successful at burning backyard hamburgers than picking pre-winner QB’s.

Tebow is a weird case. His parents are Baptist missionaries; he was born in the Phillippines while they were on a mission. Which you would think would instill humility. They homeschooled him rather than let him attend them heathen Florida public schools; under Florida law, he was able to play football for the neighborhood public school even though he never attended a single class there. And I guess the recruiting process took care of any remaining humility.

I liked Ann’s other line on the same subject: that he was born with a silver foot in his mouth.


Rattler led the Big 12 in passing efficiency two years ago. Hooker led the SEC in passing efficiency last year. Interesting to me, Jefferson was #10 in the nation last season in passing efficiency; but only 4th in the SEC – the top three all return…plus Rattler.

While I don’t agree with Tebow’s rankings, I think the piling on and psychological assessments are a bit over the top. I have seen nothing in his behavior or personality that merit such negative feelings for a person who has the demonstrated performance earning both football championships, a Heisman trophy and professional career in multiple sports. I see a lot less humility out of many, including some on this board, with a lot less accomplishment.


Let’s see how Jefferson does without Burks. It’s not unreasonable to think there may be a fall off. There was in the Outback Bowl game.

Chest thumping about what a righteous person he is is not humble and it has nothing to do with football. I think some Jewish carpenter had something to say about that about 2000 years ago.

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What does Tebow know? He probably thinks he deserved the Heisman over DMac.

Tim who?


I bet Sam, Briles, KJ just Love it! I know I would if i were them!!I think that’s awesome!That is exactly the fuse we needed lit before the season started!!

No kidding.

You said he was homeschooled. That seals the deal.

Seems there was some advice attributed to said carpenter about judging and stone casting, if this is the chosen path.


Excellent post, Keith. Lots of pots and kettles in this thread.