Top 5 national AP finish just 6 years ago

And I believe number 3 AP towards end of that regular season even.

What in the world has happened. … sas-state/

I was at that game and remember sitting in the stands watching the players celebrate the win, and thinking, “Wow! We have Tyler Wilson coming back and Knile Davis healthy.” Then April 1 arrived.

Reading that article made me ill. Oh for a time machine and a quick way to disable a motorcycle.

Seven years is an eternity in college football. Just think: Joe Paterno was still coaching that year.

The landscape can change fast and if you can’t keep up, it can be difficult to catch up.

Or for a way to have exchanged our AD for the Ohio St AD. Oh, for a 3 game suspension and a public apology.

Or for a way to suggest to the coach to pull his boss aside and say something along the lines of: “Hey boss, I’ve met this fine young lASS, who would be a great ASSet to the program. Any concern if I bring her in as an ASSistant?”

miss those days… :frowning: