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This win should jump us up in the standings. At least a 3 or 4 seed in the NCAA tournament.

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Who are we going to jump over? Texas barely won at West Virginia, but they won. Nobody else in jumping range has lost yet. Maybe some people will go down tonight. We’re not gonna jump over Purdue or Kentucky or the loser of Tennessee-Auburn (even though we beat both of them).

Looks as though Tennessee is going to win that one. We’d have to have a lot of dominoes fall our way, but a three-way time between us, Auburn and Kentucky would be great…with us having the tie breaker against both.

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I was just fixing to post that Hawgs win out and Auburn loses another one Hawgs could win regular season. Who’d have thunk it

With games left to play this weekend, we have a chance to jump, nova, Illinois, Wisconsin, Texas, providence :man_shrugging: can’t underestimate how much the national pundits drool over Kentucky… if we win our next two we will almost certainly jump all those teams. We gotta show we can do it on the road. Realistically we have a shot at a two seed, but I don’t expect us to win the sec tourney. If we do win our next two I think we are in position for a 3 seed.

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Nova and Tennessee are projected as 3 seeds. We ain’t jumping them. Illinois is a 4. Probably not jumping them either. Not yet, anyway. Win the next five, maybe.

Totally disagree, Jeff. We should have solidified ourselves as a 4 seed today. We beat Tennessee and Illinois got beat before we could play them.


Think positive!!

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In your mind, Jeremy, but you aren’t on the committee.

Of the people who are on the committee, Bama AD Greg Byrne is the SEC rep.

Neither are you, Jeff. What more do we have to prove? The Big 10 is vastly overrated, as usual.

The NET rating might move more than the polls. Unfortunately some of those losses are not going away.

It’s not just Big Ten teams above us, Jeremy. There are four Big 12 teams above us – the same number as Big Ten teams. And it doesn’t help that we got drilled by bottom-feeder OU.

I think the polls will move more than the NET. We’ve gone DOWN after beating Tennessee and Florida because nobody else is losing and somebody jumped over us.

Keep winning and it takes care of itself…


Granted, that was a bad loss, but who is playing better than us now? Shouldn’t that matter? It damn sure should.

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They stopped emphasizing late season results. Losing to OU and Hofstra and Vandy is no less important than beating Auburn or Tennessee or Kentucky.

I think Arkansas may have moved to a 5 seed today, but not yet a 4.

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And that’s ridiculous. Period!

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That is possible, but by no means a given. Lunardi has already done his tweeted update and we are still a 6.

The committee (and everyone) saw what Kentucky did to Kansas a couple weeks ago. And saw what we did to Kentucky. And auburn. And Tennessee. I think we deserve to be above Texas right now. after another week we could rise to a 3 seed with the competition we face and the odds of someone else losing. Of course we just have to win. I don’t think we get a 2 seed unless we win out, and I don’t think we will win the sec tourney. We could though. There no one we can’t play with. Would love to see Kentucky fans vs Arkansas fans in the tournament especially in a championship game. It really doesn’t matter where the committee seeds us this week with all of that still right in front of us.