Top 25 today

#1 Bama barely survives.

#6 A&M loses

#8 ND loses

#17 Pitt loses

#19 Wisky loses

Either #9 Baylor or #21 BYU will lose. Ditto #12 Florida or #20 Kentucky.

Pitt is the only one so far that lost to a ranked team.

#25 Houston loses in OT to TTech

We badly need to beat A&M. They did not look good today, but they might in two weeks. We need to fix our secondary issues, but if we do, A&M is very beatable.


Don’t look now, but Kent State leads Mobilehoma in the second quarter.

Aggies QB was not impressive in the first game. Not at all.

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The Hogs cannot lose to the Aggies now. That would be a terrible loss on the hogs resume. I am also counting on Sam to go undefeated against the Aggies before he retires in 7-10 years.


Kentucky beats Florida.

BYU up 3-0 very early on Bayluh,

While y’all were asleep, BYU upset #9 Baylor 26-20 in double OT. Hope this will get our players attention when game time rolls around.
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I watched enough of it to think Baylor is nowhere near a top 10 team. Shapen was deer in the headlights, bad decision making. BYU didn’t look great on offense either but their top two receivers were out.

Baylor got shut out in 2OT. That’s really hard to do. What success they had was running which bodes well for us.

I watched the end of BYU-Baylor. I didn’t think it was an upset. BYU is a good team.

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Lol, I promise you, our guys aren’t sleeping on anyone on our schedule. We aren’t Bama, we know we have to play hard every week to defeat every team on our schedule.

If you listened to Pittman’s comments in the preseason, you know he is not overlooking BYU. That program is 23-4 since the start of the 2020 season with wins over seven Power 5 teams, plus other solid teams like Houston, Boise State and UCF.

BYU confirmed they are who we thought they were. But we can’t lettem off the hook

Glad to know. Appreciate all the inside info you bring to the Board. Mahalo.
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BYU was actually favored

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