Top ‘25 QB visiting is a familiar face

Garyt is visiting today

I don’t think UNLV has an Architecture Program so his may be an interesting recruiting process. Tommy Polk and Bob Galloway are the only UofA football athletes that I know of with an Architecture Degree. The time required to do the work every day of every semester for that degree is way beyond normal school hours. All nighters, working all weekend, 3 hour afternoon design classes EVERY day, etc. are almost mandatory.

Sounds like Barry left his family in NWA so his boys can finish High School at Shiloh.

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Barry and his wife wants Garyt to have a normal recruiting process.

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Robert Farrell, whose dad was an architect, started out at Vol Walker but the afternoon design class just didn’t work with football. So he switched to business. I started out as an architecture major too and I remember talking to him about it.

I wonder of the Vegas fans will give Odom has much grief as some of our fans did Morris for not moving his family to Fayetteville?

Garyt is the starting QB next year at Shiloh but word is that he is leaving. I don’t think his family is staying here past the school year.

I hope they have one as well. Very special time when someone in family has this opportunity and experience. Nice article . Thanks for posting

What year was that?

Was I in architecture? Did Design 1 in the fall of '79.

Just curious. I graduated in 76.

NP. I knew you were an architect. My interest/obsession with stadiums prompted that major. Maybe if there’d been a Populous back then that focused on stadium design I would have stayed in it (and maybe interned there).

Garyt was very impressed with Enos and his resume.

He plans to move to Vegas in about a month so he can go through spring practice with his new team and teammates.

are there fans out there? Do you think they even know if Odom has a family?