Top '23 FB recruits

This might be posted somewhere but looking at ESPN 300 for '23 we have 4 listed. who are top 5-10 recruits on their list that we actually have a good chance of landing? What is the most top 300 players we have landed in a recruiting class?

Sorry, just seeing this.

Five in 2020 and 2015 .

Will get back on the first Q.

I will say Arkansas has a legit chance at the following:

OL Charles Jaguash

OL Madden Sanker

OL Markis Deal

CB Kayin Lee

QB Avery Johnson

RB Treyaun Webb if his unofficial on the 5th goes well

LB Tackett Curtis

RB Javin Simpkins

I just did a quick scanning of the 300 so I might of missed some. Want to see who does visit and who doesn’t before adding some of the others.

How do you feel about OL Conner Stroh

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With him coming a third time, I would he’s a legit guy that could commit.

A monstrous giant of a young man, Stroh is the top shelf talent we need to keep this train going and picking up speed.

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