Top 100 transfers list

Umude #25, Lykes #42, Toney #45.

Other names that have been connected to UA, if only by feverish imaginations, including those who have committed elsewhere:

Tre Mitchell #4
Marreon Jackson #10
Mac McClung #11
Christian Bishop #13
Jayden Gardner #17
Bryce Thompson #23
Tanner Groves #32
Xavier Pinson #33
Darryl Morsell #36
Myreon Jones #38
Brady Manek #44
Jamison Battle #56 (heard from us per ESPN, decided to go back to Minny)

Emanuel Miller is not listed, yet (he’ll continue to update). Damari Monsanto was listed as also under consideration; he wound up at Wake Forest. Marvin Johnson also listed as under consideration.

In my mind, that’s a pretty pathetic ranking of Lykes. Geez, a pre-season 1st team all ACC player last season as #42?? You would think that would be top 20. Maybe they are just discounting him because of the injury. I guess the injury does at least leave a little question mark.

I have a hard time believing Marreon Jackson is that good, frankly. Even though we were in on him.

He would have been #10 good if we had signed him. LOL.

I think rankings for our guys were better until names like McClung were added. Let’s prove them wrong on the court like last season.

I watched his highlights and to me Lykes was much more impressive. We got the better point guard IMO. Jackson scored 18 PPG in the MAC. Lykes scored 15-16 three straight years in the ACC.

Could these rankings be per their ranking coming out of HS?
No I didn’t research it.

Nope this is as they come out of the 2021 season.

I think Pinson made a great choice for his preferred offensive game by going to LSU, but he was not a great defensive player under a much more demanding defensive coach at Missouri. I’m skeptical he will be more impactful overall than than Lykes or Toney. He should score at a nice clip, and maybe that’s all Wade needs from him.

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