Top 10 seasons in Razorback history

Modern history that is

Based on NCAA finish

93-94. Champion 31-3 Richardson
94-95 Runner-up 32-7 Richardson
77-78. Final Four 32-4. Sutton
89-90. Final Four 30-5. Richardson
90-91. Elite Eight. 34-4. Richardson
78-79. Elite Eight. 25-5. Sutton
20-21. Elite Eight. 25-7. Musselman
82-83. Sweet 16. 26-4. Sutton
80-81. Sweet 16. 24-8. Sutton
92-93. Sweet.16. 22-9. Richardson

Based on winning % - minimum 25 wins

76-77. 26-2. 92.85% Sutton
93-94. 31-3. 91.11%. Richardson
09-91. 34-4. 89.4%. Richardson
77-78. 32-4. 88.88%. Sutton
82-83. 26-4. 86.66%. Sutton
89-90. 30-5. 85.71%. Richardson
78-79. 25-5. 83.33%. Sutton
94-95. 32-7. 82.05%. Richardson
20-21. 25-7. 78.12%. Musselman
83-84. 25-7. 78.12%. Sutton

Based on number of wins

90-91. 34-4. Richardson
77-78. 32-4. Sutton
94-95. 32-7. Richardson
93-94. 31-3. Richardson
89-90 30-5. Richardson
14-15. 27-9. Anderson
82-83. 26-4 Sutton
91-92. 26-8. Richardson
16-17. 26-10. Anderson
20-21. 25-7. Musselman - tied
83-84. 25-7. Sutton - tied

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Good stuff. This years team would have been further up the list of most wins if not for Covid. I think we played about 5 less regular season games than last year. Could easily have won 28 - 29 which would have been phenomenal.

Yes, they didn’t play @A&M, @Tulsa and @Oklahoma and 2 in Vegas.

I think @A&M and at least one in Vegas would have been wins for sure. So 27 for sure. Since Hogs were a different team and hadn’t found Devo and JWill yet, not sure what would happened in the other three games which would have taken place prior to conference season. But 28 seems to be a safe bet,

At the same time, I don’t know how 2 to 3 more losses early in the season would have played in the eventual seeding at the NCAAs and may have reduced the number of wins by 1.

It is possible in terms of winning percentage, the lost games didn’t make any difference,

I don’t remember exactly when the OU game was scheduled, but the Sooners got blown out by Xavier in early December. So they may not have jelled that early either (Edit: it was scheduled Dec. 12; the Xavier blowout was Dec. 9). Louisville had a close home win over Seton Hall in late November, but would have played us before then. I wouldn’t rule out beating the Cards in Vegas either.

If we’d played the full 31-game regular season, two in Nashville and four in the Dance, that would be 37. If we maintained our .781 winning percentage through the five extra games, that’s 29-8 essentially. So beat A&M, either Louisville or OU and the other two rent a wins.

And all the more remarkable in only the second year of this coaching staff. The “free agency” portal does change things vs past years, but still…

Found the original NC schedule, which had a few games that we actually played:

Nov. 10, ORU (yup, twice)
Nov. 20, San Francisco at Vegas (nope)
Nov. 22, Louisville or Colorado State at Vegas (nope)
Nov. 28, Northern Illinois (nope)
Dec. 5, Lipscomb (yup)
Dec. 12, OU at Tulsa (nope)
Dec. 19, Old Dominion at NLR (nope)
Dec. 23, Abilene Christian (yup)
Big 12 Challenge was confirmed later at Okie Lite
UT-Arlington date wasn’t confirmed on the list I found but we did play them. At Tulsa was also on the list (wiped out due to COVID).

Not only in the second year but with only two returning players. Second part is what makes this the most remarkable year for any head coach we have had,

As you said, transfer portal helps newcomers not be as new, but still…

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