Top 10 QB to do virtual visit on Saturday

Looks like this Saturday will be focused on top out-of-state prospects. Last Saturday was focused on the in-state junior prospects with offers.

Conner Weigman is an ESPN 4-star and the No. 7 pocket-passer and No. 177 overall prospect in the nation for the 2022 class. He’ll do a zoom Saturday morning.

Told Briles is hot on his trail.

ESPN profile-

Looked at his profile and I had never heard of his high school (I lived in Houston/southeast Texas for 15 years). So I looked it up. Built in 2017, has 2100 students. Kinda like Bentonville West I guess.

Connor committed to A&M today.

Not sure why he didn’t do a virtual with Arkansas on Saturday. Checked with the source who talked to him and was told he was doing a virtual with Arkansas and the guy wasn’t sure other than he thought Connor wanted to secure a spot with the Aggies.

Kyle Field is 70 miles from his high school. Tough to pry kids in that area away from the Aggies if TAM wants them.

Wasnt really getting my hopes up for Connor coming here. Seems like Josh Hoover may be the most likely as of now. Not as highly rated, but im very impressed with his film

I’m sure that we’ll A great QB that’s wants to play in the Briles offense.

I don’t think Hoover is a take just yet, I guess will see who is next in line.

I don’t think so either. I believe he would have committed already had we let him. I just feel like the odds of getting him are higher than any of the other QBs at the moment.

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