Top 10 Class

This is starting to look more and more obtainable with the addition of Henry

I don’t get caught up in class rankings and stars, but it certainly would appear that we are upgrading our talent level considerably. Really good looking class shaping up. Kudos to CCM and staff. They are busting their behinds and getting results.

The hogs can win a lot of ball games the next few yrs with this class. The more we win , we will continue to get highly ranked kids like we r now

I understand recruiting rank does not equal wins. It does, however, show that recruits will start to take us seriously. The higher we climb, the more reasonable it becomes for more talent to WANT to come here. That makes me excited.

Since we are talking about rankings…it has always seemed to me that average ranking per player should dictate ranking…not total points. Also, while it is difficult to objectify, filling needs should also be included. As someone mentioned the other day, if a school desperately needs, say, linebackers, and doesn’t do well in that area…but loads up on highly rated players at a position where they already have depth, is that really a successful class?

Of course…we currently need everything.

But short term success probably rides on how this staff finished with offensive lineman. Or defensive lineman that can become offensive lineman.

Not being negative…I am beyond thrilled with this class so far…just pointing out the obvious flaw in national rankings.

We have skill players in place. Just carry on status quo there. Fill in the rest with Oline & LB’s.
Next year hopefully get some of the top Olinemen in the country so we have the stock to keep the redshirt chain going in that area.

I agree completely. Recruiting to need is where I thought HDN fell down on the job. Listening to CCM, I think that he truly gets it. I am more impressed by him all the time. I believe that he deserves time to achieve his goals, but I think that he has a well thought-out plan. I know that he tries to prepare for everything, as he told me that the team had actually practiced the run through the A prior to the first game.

Obviously recruiting to needs is most important, but do not know how that could be reflected in “national rankings,” especially considering the gray area of an defensive lineman switching to offense or a running back moving to safety, etc. But I do like the idea of ranking by the players’ average ratings. All of it is subjective and classes are always better rated four or five years later.

I don’t worry about the class ranking now, when it’s good, and I don’t worry about it when it isn’t good. Because it doesn’t matter. Players win games, but the February numbers don’t tell you who has the players. Alabama loads up on 4s and 5s but not all of their 4s and 5s become stars (and they do take some 3s, such as PA’s Layne Hatcher). Texas is notorious for underachieving with highly ranked recruiting classes, which got both Brown and Strong run out of town. And I continue to think some schools’ recruiting rankings are self-fulfilling; if Rivals finds out a kid is getting recruited by Bama and Georgia, his rating gets bumped up artificially (they’d deny it but it clearly happens).

We just jumped Florida St for the #12 class on Rivals. Yesterday we were #13 and FSU didn’t have any decommits. I wonder why we got the bump.

We jumped them as soon as Hudson Henry’s video hit the Internet.