Top 10 Class

RD- When is the last time that the Hogs finished in the top 10 in recruiting? Do you think we have a chance to go top 15 with the upcoming class?.. especially with all the guys that are right on the cusp of being 4*? I know that rankings don’t always matter but I would think that it does look good to other recruits who are looking at the school and thinking…I need to check this place out and see what is drawing all the excitement and attention. I love that CM is grabbing players from TX again. We were known for that for years. Good to see it coming back around!

Never in top 10. The 2009 class of Hamilton, Wingo, Knile Davis, DD Jones and Travis Swanson is the best I recall from a national perspective. Came in at 16. That class had 31 signees though and that helped the ranking because of total points.

We’ll be in the 20-25 range when it’s all said and done, which is good. Hitting that mark consistently is the key, especially with a down in-state class next year. There may be only 2-3 SEC caliber guys in it, as of today.

Looking at the 247 calculator and comparing to the last couple of years final rankings, if we sign 7 more who rank the same as our middle guys, we’re headed for a top 10 class. Comparing Auburn’s 2017 class that finished 9th w 22 signs and 256 ranking pts, the Hogs have 15 signees sitting on 197.

I am not even close to an expert, but I think it is possible. They have to keep what they have and hit on several of the guys they are on, and the “rest” need be solid 3*.

I have never been much on stars. I go more by offer list, but still, a high ranking class has a much better chance of producing more good to great players than a low ranking one…

Just keep it going. These coaches show no signs of letting up. They were so far behind that they can’t. To get sobber, all you have to do is look at where the rest of the SEC ranks. You better get studs!

Come on Olinemen. We need you badly…

I don’t believe that get to the top 10, something that has never happened here since recruiting rankings became a thing.

But I do think they can get into the 15-20 range and stay there.

Eventually need top 10 classes if you want to win a national championship.

Every team that’s won it in the last decade has had them, to propel them to that win.

While rankings don’t matter, they actually do. At least there is a direct correlation in national championships and top recruiting.

I hope we get the best class possible, and it might be great to be Top 10. But we best be doing it the “right way” or it might bring the NCAA sniffing. I’m not in the least bit casting aspersions at this year’s recruiting; I believe it’s being done the right way. But I’m also not in the least bit interested in having the NCAA poking around trying to find anything (and they say every school has some violation here or there) with which to hang us.

Then I guess we should just give up. Dudley is right. We’re not going to get top 10 classes here, ever. The in-state talent pool is too shallow. And, IMO, undervalued what we do have in state. As DD noted yesterday, Burks would be a 5-star if he’d done the camp thing and the endless self-promotion, but that isn’t his style. And our ranking is punished because of that. Darren McFadden was not a 5-star. Think about that. Two time Heisman finalist wasn’t a 5-star. Heck, the current Heisman winner was a 3-star and a walk-on at Texas Tech.

Yeah that 247 calculator…players w the same rating are assigned different point values team to team…so I guess it’s a secret sauce. Always thought recruiting rankings were overrated…

The only way the Hogs will get top 10 recruiting classes is to show extraordinary success on the field under CCM. There are a handful of coaches that overachieve versus their recruit rankings. CCM will have to do that for a few years. IMO

DMAC was a five star on Rivals. Can’t remember what he was on Scout and ESPN. Maybe he wasn’t a five star on those services and you’re referring to his ranking in one or both of those.

I’m not one to personally believe that something’s impossible. I don’t think a top 10-15 class is out of reach in reality, if we have a lot of success.

But, is t necessary to win the national championship? I’d say absolutely, so. Especially when you have to make it through the bender of the SEC West. Anything is impossible, but the work for us to get there would certainly be a lot harder than most schools.

Who knows, maybe we could build an offense that can win it all without the top of the top classes. No one has been able to do that yet, but it could happen I imagine.

Couldn’t have said it better myself…The saying “rankings don’t matter” is only song by none powerhouse teams

Yeah I’ve never truly understood that argument.

I said the past decade, but if you go back the last 20 years it shows you have to be able to recruit top 10 to win it.

I think that speaks for itself.

I am young, so I’ve grown up in the ranking era, and typically the higher the rating the better the player. The best players I played against were 4 stars in high school, and there was a drop off to the 3 stars. Now, I do think the rating is based more off of college ready at that moment, and obviously doesn’t take into account development. But we’d have to be very naive to think that all of the lower rated guys, even the higher rated guys will develop and pan out.

I think that an elite offense definitely can equal the playing field, its the hardest thing to stop, and on top of that you have to score with t. So can chad do that and get us to compete with the best without a top 10 class? Absolutely, we’ve done it before. But, does it take that extra few talented guys and depth to end up beating Ohio state in the sugar bowl, or beat LSU and get to the sec championship, maybe so.

I think if we get to the point of top 15 or at 15, we can beat anybody.

Like anything, it’s going to take time. But the success chad is having already, with a new job, coming off of a 4 win season, in a completely depleted program gives me hope. It also shows me that Bret wasn’t near the recruiter some made him out to be. (Yes I know he got some good players)

I do believe there was a point in time where some service would
re-evaluate a recruiting class at 5 years after the class. That way
you have an accurate reflection of if it was good, bad, or ugly. The
ranking as we see now or “current” rankings are based on potential.
The “5 Year After” are based on results.

I believe the class that had D-mac, Jones, and Hillis in 2005 was
re-ranked at #1 in the nation or at least in the top 5. I also think
that the #1 class that year wasn’t even re-evaluated in the top 15.
My memory is not what it once was as I’ve got many more years
behind me than I can see in front of me now.

Still I’ll take that any day. So go ahead and let people crow about
having a top 10 class based on potential. That don’t mean shinola.
I’ll save my crowing for 5 years after and see how a class performed.
Performace based rankings are accurate, whereas potential based
rankings are just a crap shoot. Sometimes they pan out, sometimes
they don’t, but they do get the job done, if the job is to generate
buzz and sell magazines to large fanatic fan bases.

Another good step toward that today!!

Loving the roll we have been on the past week. I am hearing from insiders that we are not done either. If it indeed does continue…it won’t at all be a stretch to say this will end up being the highest hog recruit class on record. Get the popcorn out. Nice job CCM and staff!!

Please give us enough talent to beat who we should beat and make the big boys dread playing us… whatever happens on the back side of that Hog team is a pure bonus. I’m just tried of losing and getting embarrassed in the process. That said, it sure is nice to be listed as the “Hottest Team in Recruiting” right now by that other national recruiting service.

Absolutely agree…can we please put enough in place to beat A&M. I think we have lost 6 in a row. It’s time for a W. that is getting bad. Most of those have been so close to. I’m ready to exit that building with fist in air instead of head hung.