Toothpaste Boys just better than us

There’s a reason why so many prognosticators are picking this game as their upset special. Just look at the tale of the tape. Palmolive’s better half is scoring more and giving up less than we are. Their rebounding margin is better, and they shoot a higher % from everywhere but the free throw line. This one is going to hurt, but at least it won’t leave a bad taste in our mouths.

You’re not supposed to swallow the mouthwash.


LOL! Goodun stewdaddy! I just sprayed my rinse all over the keyboard.

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If they had played all the same teams, I might could get on board with this.

But I certainly would not bet the house on that.

you’ll need some toothpaste after all that crow you’re eating.

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I’m just glad we put them back in the tube. Happy for the win, but very worried that we are about to get TT’d on.

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