Too Much Noise

I agree 100% with Nate’s column on stadium noise. I’m in my 50’s and, like Nate, have been to rock concerts and other gatherings where loud music was the reason you went. I love music and have been to The Doobie Brothers and Boston all the way down to Crystal Gayle. But coming to the stadium an hour early and having to put up with that 100+ decibel noise makes me want to stay at the tailgate until the national anthem. I’m sure there is a difference between age groups but every person I have polled feels exactly the same way. Loud blaring music and then the commercials that get cranked up throughout the game make the experience less enjoyable than before.

Too much noise surrounds college games

I agree with him. Of course, I am an old fogey too, since I’m the same age.

I think the commercials have been fewer and less obtrusive. I don’t think they are going away. In fact, I see more of them in other stadiums than ours. Auburn had them. And, I don’t know that the music in Razorback Stadium is as loud as other places. Alabama and Mississippi State music was unbelievably loud. Nate hasn’t gone to a road game in about 15 years. I don’t know that he is aware of what is going on in other stadiums as far as the volume and it’s not going to change.

So if we ask 1,000 people and 800 of them feel like it’s way too loud and may keep them home in the future, we should mimic other schools and ignore the wishes of our fan base?

There are fewer ads from a few years ago, by far!

I sit in indoor club seating, so my experience is not like the experience of those in the stands. That said, the piped in music is still too loud. But the band cannot be heard pre-game nor at halftime.

It is very frustrating.

I’m 45. As far as the pregame music: crank it up!

I can assure you that the music inside Bryant-Denny Stadium is VERY loud. Deafening. And their team feeds off it.

For one of the few times, I also agree with Nate on this one.

I love watching football, but when I do, I’m “in a zone”. I realized this about myself maybe 10 or 15 years ago. I don’t think my mental ability and senses (such as they are) are ever more finely attuned and active than when I’m watching Arkansas play a football game. I notice everything - substitutions, formations, time on the clock, shifts in the backfield - everything. It consumes me totally, to the extent that I often don’t hear what others sitting around me are saying. That is to say, I “hear” them but it doesn’t register, because I’m so focused on the game itself.

Why am I telling you this? Because it dovetails into Nate’s column. For decades, I have loved the pageantry, if you will, of coming to a college game. The tailgating, bands marching into the stadium, special team cheers (Calling the Hogs, in our case), unique traditions, etc. And this includes band music - from home and visitor, if they come on the trip. I really don’t care what they play, because most bands typically play songs designed to get the crowd going and/or traditional songs that everyone knows they will be playing at some point (“Heeey, Baby. I want to know - ow - ow, if you’ll be my girl”).

But now, with the piped in NOISE they crank into the stadium, I sometimes find myself wondering if I’m at a football game or a tractor pull. Or, on the beach at Spring break somewhere. It distracts me and, frankly, dilutes the game day experience for a true FOOTBALL fan. That’s what I’m there to enjoy, is the football. I still do, but it’s getting harder and harder to do. When I’m in “high focus” mode, all that noise does is over-load my senses. It’s a major reason that I go to many fewer games in person these days than I used to. When I can watch in crystal clear HD on a big screen without the decibels, it’s becoming more and more attractive. And I HATE that.

And - yes - I know that it’s going on everywhere. I’m also aware that most people 30 years younger than me don’t have the same issue with this “music”, and that it’s not going back the other way. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to NOT like it, and - when the subject comes up - to express that opinion.

Nostalgia is a beautiful thing but you can’t let it drive what you do in today’s world or you will get left behind. I relish the Jim Robken days but that was over 20 years ago and the dynamics around sports have changed and won’t go back. If the situation were reversed (load, canned music was played 20 years ago and Robken was running the stands today) we old timers would be angered about too most likely.

I’m 54 and think what they have done the past couple of years is long overdue. I can only assume the ones complaining about the loud music only go to home games, because it is like that or much more at every other stadium in the SEC, plus TCU might have out did them all. You really should experience what it is like at Tuscaloosa or Starkville. There is no question that while it is loud, it also causes the crowd to get more adrenalized, and there is much more of a fervor in the stands. This sounds like the same type of complaining in the stadium I hear when all these “darn fools” stand up and they can’t see. Again, please be advised that there is lots of standing, lots of yelling, and lots of loud music at LSU, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas A&M, and any other SEC stadium you’d like to consider. It’s what excites players, students, recruits, and me.

Crank it up!

I am 58 and like good music played LOUDLY. However, the stuff they play mainly at RRS before home games can’t really be classified as music . It is just a relentless frenzied booming. I cant stand it. If it was music ,new or old, no problem. As it is now, I cant wait for it to end and the band to come on the field.

I’m in my 40’s. I love the pre game music and the loud volume. Bring it on!

I heard they let one of the players set the playlist, so even better in my book if the kids love it.

We’re still a long way from the amount and volume of similar music played at TCU.

Yep. Jared Cornelius is the one who does the playlist.

Only SEC road venue I’ve been to recently is Bama, and I guarantee you they crank up the music there.

Let the crowd and the live bands be as loud as they can be.

Get RID of the artificial, piped in music. One of the beauties of college football has always been the college bands. The college cheerleaders. The college drill teams. The college fans. Pro football can never emulate what college football has in those areas.

I personally would prefer to leave out recordings of musicians that have NOTHING to do with the live game.

And why amplify a live band? Bands are loud enough! They don’t need to be amplified.

You might have a slight bias in this area, huh? :smiley:

IMO that horse is out of the barn. They’re not going to get rid of the recorded music.

I went to the Ole Miss game a couple of weeks ago with family. I hadn’t been to a game in about four years. Our seats were on the East Side right below some speakers. We got there an hour before the game, and the music was incredibly loud and constant. I was frustrated because I could barely talk to anyone beside me and be heard. It did not make me want to return to a game any time soon.